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Nissan Micra Vs Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki Swift@ 4,61 - 7,24 Lakhs, Nissan Micra@ 5.99 - 7.23 Lakhs

After having lot about the upcoming guns, its time the comparison gets a bit serious and practical with real time collision of some of the surmounted machines around in the hatchback mini segment of the Indian Autoworld.

To begin with, we have two of the most ravishing ,mini and charismatic cars available in the market for an average and post, entry- level buyer around, but trust us, it’s compact, but nothing is small around here when we talk about the Micra from Nissan and the Swift from the Maruti Suzuki Family. Let’s see how well they keep up the spirits alive against each other

The Micra has always been a cheeky, feminine figure in the segment up till the time this new more manly version had arrived, after which the things went clear, defined, pronounced and masculine for the Nissan, regarding Micra to gain more appreciation and adoration for the new design and alemtation. The hardwork done on Micra is commendable but it just couldn’t eliminate the swift-footed and heartthrob of the nation, the Swift in cosmetic superiority. And with Mini driven and inspired looks, a hatch has to look complimentary to its name, Swift!  With fine lines, component quality and people charming looks, swift stands unbeatable and undisputed in this comparison for sure.

Talking about the internal beautification, kindly keep yourself ready for a mass confusion as both the cars look state-of-the-artistic from inside with much talked about piano black theme for the Micra and dual color theme for the Swift and features as to make you feel like a king amongst the other hatchback drives. But Micra, being a revolutionary deal for the hatch market will be a step ahead of the Swift in providing more than enough creature comforts for to the buyers. And with some more features to please you, loaded in, The micra tops the internal section of this comparison with complimentary space as well, which is a bit untidy and crampy job with the Swift altogether but not too harsh.

On the engine fronts, Maruti offers a great deal of tried and tested 1.2 litres, 4cyl petrol and 1.3 litres, 4cyl diesel mills which are already so remarkable in the market in performance and efficiency against a team of 1.2 litres, 3cyl petrol and 1.4 litres, 4cyl diesel engines for of the Nissan Offered under the Micra’s hood. But Swift here stands tall with more smoothness and agility in overall performance. Micra performs well though but its level is limited till the city limits, out of which the Swift outperforms the Micra completely with more detailed handling and riding capabilities over the intracity commuting specialist Micra. Which is certainly not made for the fast lanes, unlike the Swift.

So finally, moving towards the end, we believe that Swift, being the elder one of the two is still young and refreshing over its young cousin Micra. Costing around a good deal at 5-8 lacs it is more value for money and fun over the Nissan blood at almost same amount of greeneries spent on it. Swift is a clear winner but the Micra has its deal of share of the pure and earned respect as well. Keep driving and keep reading.

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