Honda Amaze VS Maruti Ertiga

Honda Amaze VS Maruti Ertiga
Honda Amaze VS Maruti Ertiga

When buying a car it’s always confusing when it’s comes to choosing between an entry level sedan or MUV. Should you go for class or practically? Honda Amaze was the talk of the town, way before the car was even launched. This practical sedan lived up to the companies name and the technological achievements that Honda has made over the years. On the other hand, Maruti Suzuki’s Ertiga launched the company into the utility vehicle segment of the market. It might have been a huge move for the brand, but is it really worth the money? Let’s find out.

Price and Brand Value

Both, Honda and Maruti Suzuki, developed their cars to meet the specific requirements of the developing Indian market. Honda being the luxurious brand that it is, doesn’t compromise on quality and class at any step while Maruti Suzuki’s success and popularity is already well established with it being the top automobile manufacturer in India.

Maruti’s Ertiga costs anywhere from Rs.5,97,970 to Rs.8,69,970 and Honda’s Amaze ranges from Rs.4,99,000 to Rs.7,70,750.

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Engine Type

The Ertiga gives you the choice to choose between the petrol variant that comes loaded with the 1.4L K14B VVT engine and the diesel variant boasts of a 1.3L DDiS engine. The former delivers 93.7 bhp at 6000rpm with the maximum torque of 130Nm at 4000rpm whereas the latter churns out 88.7bhp at 4000rpm with the maximum torque of 200Nm at 1750 rpm.

On the other hand, Honda Amaze offers a 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine that claims to be extremely fuel efficient while providing smooth acceleration by reducing internal friction and improving the cooling systems of the engine. At the power level of 98bhp at 3600rpm and the torque of 200Nm at 1750rpm, it only takes a few to seconds to accelerate and reach the mid to high range speed. Honda’s 1.2L i-VTEC engine comes equipped with the petrol variant of Amaze giving out power at 86 bhp at 6000rpm and maximum torque at 109Nm at 4500rpm.

Even though Ertiga comes with a powerful engine, Honda Amaze gives you better mileage that counts for more in the long run for any practical buyer.


The Ertiga doles out seven comfortable seats with separate air conditioning in the rear cabin so that even the 3rd row is just as cool as the rest of the car. The Amaze, being a sedan is suited for 5 people and gives you plenty of space. The Ertiga’s third is a little cramped when it comes down to leg space but Amaze’s comfort level is at par with Honda City.

Interiors and Exteriors

Maruti Suzuki’s Ertiga caters to the perfect combination of style and substance with the boldness of it’s design and body graphics appealing to the traditional look of an MUV while the Amaze borrows design aspects from Honda’s Brio with  large eyed headlamps but manages to give itself a distinguished look with a dual stripe front grille with chrome coating and a bumper that chiseled to perfection.

The Ertiga looks powerful and Honda’s Amaze gives more of a young, charming and energetic vibe. Comparing Ertiga’s aerodynamic styling, classy tail lamps and body colored bumpers to Amaze’s bold lines, large tail lamps and a chrome strips at fits perfectly on the boot, the Maruti looks more refined while the Honda gives off a premium aura from the rear.

The interior of the Ertiga is spacious with plenty of spaces with easy access to common items that a person keeps in their car like maps, sunglasses, and other valuables. The adjustable steering wheel integrated with audio control makes driving around town exceptionally easy. Though the Honda Amaze has a dashboard that’s very similar to the Brio and hardly impressive, it makes for it with the extra boot space and quality upholstery fabricating the seats.

Overall, Amaze still manages to stay a step ahead of the Ertiga with superior comfort features like heat absorbing glass for the windscreen letting the car stay cool even on the hottest of days, smooth operating power windows and powerful air conditioning that cools the car up in a matter of seconds. 

Road Handling

Both, the Amaze and the Ertiga, come with McPherson struts and Torsion beams as a part of their suspension system. The Amaze wins in this category with a short wheelbase length making for easy handling and keeping the turning radius down to as low at 4.5m. The Amaze even comes with manual as well as automatic transmission, an option unavailable in the Ertiga, if you go with the petrol variant.