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Comparison of Mahindra XUV500 vs Ford EcoSport vs Renault Duster vs Toyota Innova vs Nissan Terrano

Toyota Innova@ 9.50 - 14.20 Lakhs, Renault Duster@ 8.30 - 13.50 Lakhs, Mahindra XUV500@ 11.19 - 15.06 Lakhs, Nissan Terrano@ 9.52 - 12.30 Lakhs

Needless to say that demand of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) is increasing day by day in Indian car market. The large and lavish cabins, higher ride height, electrifying looks, immeasurable power enclosed under their veil, the comfortable feeling, perceived safety are some of the features which attract people towards them.

Today there is no. of SUV cars available in Indian car market; some has been already launched while some are ready to make their debut soon. But when time comes to choose any one between them, buyers get confused generally. So, among these numerous options, we are here with those five SUVs which are expecting to be in competitive list this year i.e. Mahindra XUV500, Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster, Toyota Innova and Nissan Terrano. Let’s compare them with each other to decide which can be taken to home.

Every car has its own characteristics and brand value. There are so many similarities as well as differences between them on the basis of price, size, features etc.


 EcoSport surely hits the game here by available at lesser price than others.

The price of EcoSport starts from 6.15 lakhs and ends at 9.48 lakhs.

While the Duster comes in range between 7.78 to 11.79 lakhs, Innova 2013 comes at 9.42 to 14.92 lakhs and Terrano share approximately same price range i.e. 9.52 lakhs to 12.30 lakhs.

The basic price of XUV500 is more than others and it hits the market at 10.79 lakhs but ends with 14.64 lakhs.

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 Brand Value:- 

When it comes to the brand value, then Mahindra strikes in our mind first as it has traveled a long journey in India and also they were the first to step in so called “SUV” segment by introducing the Willys Jeep in India back in 1947,

Later around 1995, Toyota and Ford came in Indian market and established themselves as a successful brand. The Innova had come before XUV500 and proved every critics wrong who were not sure about its potential. While Toyota Innova has been a runaway hit since the launch of Toyota in India, the Ford also excites the consumers every time with the creative experiments done in every new launch.

But still it would be wrong to assess the popularity of other brands like Renault and Nissan less than others, because they came later in Indian car market (in 2005) and made their own place in heart of car buyers.

 Engine details:

 XUV500 has 4-cylinder mHawk140 CRDi diesel (2.2 l), 2179cc engine with max power and torque of 140bhp and 330Nm respectively. It is also equipped with 6-speed manual transmission. This SUV gives an aggressive claimed mileage of 15.1 km/l.

All new Innova comes with only diesel version (2.5 l), with 5-speed manual transmission. The mileage of Innova is around 13.7 km/l (diesel).

EcoSport has three versions of engines i.e. 1.0 l 999cc ecoboost petrol, 1.5 l Ti-VCT 1499cc petrol, 1.5 l DV5 1498cc diesel. The claimed mileage figures offered by these variants are 15.26 km/l (999cc), 14.24 km/l (1499cc MT), 12.95 km/l (1499cc AT) and 19.47 km/l (1498cc).

Renault Duster is equipped with 1.6 litres K4M petrol as well as 1.5 dCi diesel engines with the mileage capacity of 13.24 km/l in petrol and up to 20.45 km/l in diesel.

The last but not least Nissan Terrano has 1.6 litre MPFI (multi point fuel injection) petrol and 1.5 litre K9K, dCi diesel engine. And it gives mileage of 10 to 14 km/l in petrol version while 18.06 km/l (approx) of excellent mileage in diesel version.

So, now we can easily select the best SUV between these on the behalf of engine type, size, max power, max torque, mileage etc. No doubt that Ford EcoSport and Nissan Terrano sharing the crown with their excellent given mileage but Renault Duster’s mileage capacity is almost hitting this edge too.

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People usually prefer such cars which are spacious as well as comfortable.

Toyota Innova and Mahindra XUV500 are on the top here with their seven seating capacity in each. Even Innova can be used as eight seaters too (as per requirement).

While Duster, EcoSport and Terrano all are five seaters.

Dimension wise, XUV500 and Innova are larger in size than others. While the dimension of XUV500 is 4585mm*1890mm*1785mm, the Innova has 4585mm*1765mm*1760mm. This giant proportion of both the SUVs can create trouble in city sometimes; otherwise these both cars are perfect for a complete family ride.

On the contrary, despite the less seating capacity of EcoSport (dimension: 3999mm*1765mm*1708mm), it gives a very soften and luxuriant driving experience even on city roads.

Duster’s dimension is 4315mm*1822mm*1695mm, and the Terrano’s overall measurement is almost same as Duster’s.

Now coming to boot space, Size of boot space depends upon the dimension of a car. Larger the dimension will be, larger will be its boot space. In these SUVs, the passenger side bench type seat is foldable. In XUV500 and Innova, the two seats in the last row are also foldable and the space can be used as boot.






Boot Space

930 L

760 L

346 L

475 L

475 L


Talking about interiors, while these all SUVs share most of the important interior features, there are differences too. These SUVs are packed with multiple common luxurious interiors like power steering, power windows, speakers & audio system, CD player, steering adjustment, air conditioner etc.

While central locking is missing in Innova, it is well equipped in other four SUVs.

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SUV by Mahindra gives a strong impression with its first look. This SUV provides improved approach and makes it secure and safe. It also has broad front bumper along with head lamps with side indicators in same head lamp assembly. It is also packed with daytime running lights placed horizontally just below the two casks of head lamp. The presence of outstanding bold splash-guard on the front and rear wheel gives an aggressive look than other SUVs.

It has equal proportion of front and rear windscreen. The tail lamps with three vertical compartments divided by moulded reflectors. The rear wiper, high mounted stop lamp, two stop warning indicators on the both sides, spare wheel below the boot, sharply visible bumper colour sensors are the some other makeable features of this SUV.

Coming to Innova, the updated version of this SUV has come in Indian car market. This updated version includes some changes on exteriors of this SUV as well. The better jagged head lamps have bulge turn signal lamps that appreciate magnificent debut. The fog lamps have been modified too. These gracefully confined fog lamps are available in oval shape now and the stylish grille becomes upright with three chrome slats.

The tinted windows are quite broad with an additional quarter windows for rear seats that has no doors. This updated version is higher than its previous version, thus gives a nice ground clearance.

EcoSport exterior is much impressive and stylish too. The frontage of this car is impeccable with a broad radiator framework, also enclosed with a thick chromium strip. A large headlight cluster powered with high intensity halogen lights and side turn blinkers are the other noticeable features of this awesome SUV. Overall, this SUV is flexible and gives passengers a comfortable and premium feel.

The Renault Duster’s outsider look gives a sportier feel. The large horizontal grille looks confuse between a pair of double optics headlamps. It also has a polished body colour bumper with black plastic cladding. The roof antenna, body colour door handles, wing mirrors, fuel lid, wheel arches, boot lid, skid plate, vertically placed tail lamps with D-shaped curve, high mount stop lamp increase the list of luxuriant features of this SUV.

Meanwhile, Nissan Terrano looks different than duster. The new Terrano is said to be weighted with automatic headlights, automatic wipers, rear de-foggier, body colour adjustable external wing mirrors etc. So, at first sight, this SUV looks interesting and impressive.

Road handling:

When comes to road handling, these all SUVs assure comfort zone to drive on city roads as well as on highway. These all SUVs are enclosed with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), airbags.

The front wheels are packed with large ventilated Disc Brakes while the rear wheels are packed with Leading-Trailing Drum Brakes in all of these SUVs.

While in XUV500, all four wheels have independent suspension to provide preserving comfort, the EcoSport has hydraulic shocks suspension. Fords are well known for its excellent road handling feature and the EcoSport too doesn’t let down the Ford in this.

These all SUVs give a comfortable and pleasurable road handling with the presence of different systems.


All we can say that every SUV deserve to be in this competitive list this year with some ups and downs in their features. So, if you choose a SUV according to its price, than EcoSport could be better with its cheaper range. The Ford EcoSport also has different options in its engine availability. It also gives an excellent mileage.

But if you want a family based SUV, than there are other options too like XUV500 and Innova with their seven n even eight seating capacity.

Interiors and Exteriors are approximately same in all these SUVs with some ups and downs.

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