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Chevrolet Enjoy vs Renault Duster

New Renault Duster@ Rs.8.46Lacs- 13.57Lacs, Chevrolet Enjoy@ 6.24 - 8.79 Lakhs

Renault Duster, an impeccable car from Renault has got rave reviews for both its looks and performance. The car has literally taken the Indian entry level SUV segment by storm. But let us peek into other details before deciding if it’s really worth the hype while Chevy’s Enjoy is an entry level MUV for the conscious Indian car buyers.

Both the cars were launched in the Indian market in their petrol and diesel variants. When comparing the engines, Duster wins the battle. The Duster has an engine displacement of 1461 cc when compared with Enjoy’s 1248 cc. The maximum power the Duster generates is 108.5 Bhp @ 3900rpm whereas the Sail churns out a max power of 76.4 Bhp @ 4000 rpm.  The maximum torque amounts to 188Nm @ 1750 rpm in the Chevy Enjoy and the Duster outputs a max torque of 248 Nm @ 2250 rpm.  The Duster according to the ARAI test cycles gives a mileage of 16.8 kmpl on the City Roads which is better than Enjoy’s 15.8 kmpl. The Duster clearly comes out as a winner in terms of engine Performance.

The interior of Duster are not impressive and fails to compliment the car’s excellent engine performance. The Chevy Enjoy has got decent interiors with spacious seating arrangement. The space between the 1st and the 2nd row of the Seats are spacious and the boot space doesn’t feels cramped. The Dash board looks good but the feel of the plastic is hard and below expectation from a maker like GM. The car comes with inbuilt Din music system which is sure to bring smiles to all those of us who love playing music inside their cars. The Duster may not have catchy or feel great interiors but it is decent overall. The car has a decent boot space but the seating is bit low. Keeping in mind, Indians like for Beige over grey or black layouts, Duster supports a Black & Beige coloured layout. Overall the Duster falls a little short with the interiors score when compared with the Enjoy which is priced less than the Duster.

The Exteriors of Duster shows Renault’s hunger for great designs. The front bumper looks majestic and has a huge rear section. The car displays more of poise than design. The overall design may be little old school but still it doesn’t stop to amaze us. The Car shows a lot of muscle and is a car for the people who love showing off. The Enjoy has a decent and contemporary design. GM has maintained a high standard for design even in its entry level SUV’s and MVP’s.

The Duster is priced around 12L* which is much higher than Chevy Enjoy which is priced around 7L *. The Duster minus the looks has a boastful engine and muscular exterior. The Chevy is the perfect car if you can overlook few little details and have a stringent budget.

Final Verdict:

The Duster has a powerful engine and a manly exterior, but it doesn’t really justify its price Tag. The interiors have a mediocre feel and look. Taking the price tag and ignoring the small differences in the performance into account, Chevy Enjoy enjoys a better position than the Duster.

*price may slightly differ in accordance with the engine variants.

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