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Maruti Suzuki Swift vs Volkswagen Up

Maruti Suzuki Swift@ 4,61 - 7,24 Lakhs, Volkswagen Up@ 3.5 - 5.50 Lakhs

The market is nearly flushed with the options in hatchback category, and its blocking day by day to make you go insane of the mass confusion arose. But not to worry, we as always are here to help you choose a better deal yet again. And this time, we have two distinctively remarkable and neat companies against each other in our comparison between two cars section, fighting for the dignity in the section. To begin with, from the national front, we have arguably India’s favourite hatch, the Maruti Suzuki Swift and representing the far superior international world of automobile, we have the upcoming and still to be launched Volkswagen Up!

When it comes to looking handsome, the swift has always been an eye-popping mini package of a handsome machine made to look more nimble and agile than it actually is. It’s Mini Cooper inspired current looks are actually very flaming and squeaky. On the other hand, the Up is going to be a simple, effective and value for money package with not so agility or swift lines to offer for fancy maiden praises and low-cost looks borrowed from the elder brother, the Polo. But the overall factor of size and packing looks neat and huge in the Up with more than sufficient size for a hatch. So, the swift might be a charmer, but the Up can give it a rather rough time with what it intends to hit the market with. That is, size plus style.

Internally, the newly upgraded swift looks luxurious with a blend of sportiness with packed comfort creatures all around the cabin. But here too, the Up is here with its incoming newly upgraded dual LCD console in the car for real time fun, entertaining, safe and efficient drives. Vw is surely on a different edge with its Up-shifted plans and class leading materials and features will be a part of it. So, rather than having an actual comparison between the interior effects, we believe the Up will bring in some freshness to beat the swift’s upright stereotypical stature. And never to mention the size and space, which is going to be better and huge than the swift anyday. But the Up, in saving some mints, will cut down the fancy elements, in-and-around the car, overall with not so high level of trims to be offered.

Engine wise, both the cars are similar on capacities with equally capacious 1.2 litre, 4cyl petrol engines in both and then there is a 1.3 litre, 4cyl diesel engine in the Swift but a mere 0.8 litre, 2cyl turbo diesel engine. On comparison, the swift surely stands tall all above the Up with more grunt, power and agility as on papers for the Up till now. And being a heartthrob of the nation, the swift is a superb handler and rider on road around the country as well. In that case, the Up will have to touch the sky high levels of those departments if not enough in power and performance.

Lastly, we do really think the Up to hit the market very hard with its flamethrower deal , but here in this case and comparison, the Swift at around 5.43-8.34 lacs is still a better deal if compared with the Up anyways, but the Up at around 3-5 lacs is still a rockstar in the low-cost segment of cars. And just in case if not compared with the Swift, is still going to be a grinder, we believe!


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