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Coming soon: BMW alters X3 SUV in India

BMW has revised the X3 range in India and is now offering a top-spec M-Sport trim in place of the xLine variant which was available before. It is presently available with the 190hp, 2.0-litre diesel engine while the other model is said to arrive in May 2018.

Exterior and Interior:

The revised M-Sport trim will come with exterior and interior changes as per the base expedition variant before. It welcomes changes in the base expedition such as M badging in different places inside and out, in the M aerodynamics package, the M Sport leather-wrapped steering and even changes in the sports seats for the driver and front passenger. The car also comes with 18-inch alloy wheels as before it was 17 inches. For the touchscreen system, it gets a larger 8.8-inch iDrive with a 205W nine-speaker set-up. While for the base Expedition, it gets a 6.5-inch iDrive touchscreen system.

Storage Compartments:

It comprises of two 12V power sockets, storage nets, a rear armrest with two cup holders and seat-back trays with separators etc.


The top-spec M-Sport trim has the color options ranging from red, black and grey and gets an addition white finish for both trims. For the base expeditions model, an exclusive blue color model is also offered.


The range for the new X3 starts at INR 49.10 lakh for the base expedition variant and goes up till INR 54 lakh for the top-spec variant.

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