Comparison of 2014 Ford Endeavour vs Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

2014 Ford Endeavour Vs Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
2014 Ford Endeavour Vs Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

In the recent times we have seen markets flooding with the news of compact and hatchback cars the bigger and upper segment of cars like SUV need space too, they also matter in the market as well and with a certain similar level of importance. So we, paying homage to the upper segment SUV market, presented to you all the necessary specs, news, features and all sorts of reviews on the new in talks, new Pajero sport AT version and 2014 Ford Endeavour. And on demand of our beloved readers, we bring to you comparison between two of the most astonishing, traditional, long running and freshly baked SUVs in the market i.e.- The newly garnished and spiced up New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and 2014 Ford Endeavour. 


Comparing both the machines regarding their price tags in the market we can very easily note that the pricing for both the vehicles seems legitimate and competitive for this particular segment.

The pricing for the Pajero sport’s automatic variant cost somewhere around 23.55 lakhs and MT version will cost you at Rs. 23.80 lakh, while the Ford, with a three trims option ranges the price range somewhere between 20.32-23.54 lakhs which makes it a more affordable bet any day between the two and with its 3.0 litre top variant trim costing as much as that of the Pajero’s only 2.5 litre variant. 

Engine and Performance

Backing up the prestige, the Pajero Sport breathes through 2.5 litre, 16 Valve Intercooled Turbocharged DOHC Common Rail DI-D (Direct Injection Diesel) engine, designed and developed under Mitsubishi’s Rally legacy which is tried and tested at its peak. While the Endeavour sports three engine trims.

2.5 ltr 4×2 MT

3.0 ltr 4×2 AT

3.0 ltr 4×4 AT

The Endeavour might tempt you over choices to spoil your heart with its newly developed and remapped chunky engines, which are made to perform with an ability of power ranging of 141BHP at 3500 rpm (in 2.5 l) and 153.9 BHP at 3200 rpm (in 3.0 l) and a decent torque production of330Nm at 1800 rpm in 2.5 l engine and 380 Nm at 2500 rpm in 3.0 l. But on the other hand we have the Pajero, which despite of its smaller mill manages to churn out a whopping [email protected] and the powerful torque figures reach up till [email protected], Mitsubishi has reduced the torque for automatic variant by 50Nm while MT variant stands on same specifications as previous model.  And once again, with its unique DI-D technology, manages precise supply of fuel and air in-take to ensure maximum efficiency even when paddled hard around corners.

Transmission system of both the cars is comparablesmooth and sleek. But the Mitsubishi here takes away the cherry with its new 5-speed auto gearbox against Ford 5 speed AT While the 5-speed manual transmission system of the Pajero is effortlessly smooth over the Ford’s Manual shifts.

Talking about the off-road ability, the Endeavour with its on paper and on system SHIFT-ON-FLY shifter allows easy access between 4×4 and 4×2 options while the Pajero does it with a much simple and manual shifter, still manages to blow out dust on Endeavour’s face grille with its rally inspired off-road capabilities topped up with a designated Superior Terrain Handling Ability incorporated into it by Mitsubishi.

And lastly, even with such enormous figures of performance, the Sport manages to top in the mileage section as well with an ARAI certified figures of 13.5km/l where the Endeavour still manages to deliver you some 11.4 Km for a litre of fuel. 

Drivability and Safety

People have become smart these days when it comes to buying a car and they want a car which not only tempts them all away with the gadgets and goodies, but they demand the whole package from the cars in order to get the most out of them. Respecting that, Endeavour has surely moved up a ladder with FORD incorporated Dynamic Safety Engineering which assures a compact coordination between the overall safety and drivability of the vehicle.

Both the cars come loaded with safety features such as ABS with EBD, collapsible steering column etc. but the basic yet luxurious features of the new Pajero once again out performs the Ford’s gem with its rigid and massive ladder frame construction and tough yet light impact-absorbing collapsible beams. The Endeavour surely is a tall boy with its length, but the

Pajero stands 5 mm higher than the Endeavour with a ground clearance of 215 mm.

The only game where the new Pajero shows a bit loose behavior is the game of absorption where it becomes soft with its conventional double wishbone suspensions. While the Endeavour stays rigid with its new independent suspensions in the front but still the usual and disappointing leaf suspensions in the rear. Even the steering feel of the Endeavour feels great with bolt-Nut type variable power assist and tilt but the Pajero with its Hydraulics feels way too tight, even on the soft rides.

But what brings back the Pajero in game is the braking department, where it poses neatly on 17’’ wheels. While the Endeavour encores a 16’’ wheel set with front disc option only, seems disappointing here. 

Interiors and Exteriors –

Facially, there is tuff competition between the two as Pajero gets some facial up gradation in the form of new chrome front grille with redesigned fog lamps but Endeavour here looks a clear winner here with an all neat design hues over that already charming mammoth. With new wraparound headlamps, chrome highlights all around, new ORVMS, body decals, sculpted tailgate and sleek side cladding, the Endeavour looks handsome over the Pajero sport which comes loaded with projector headlamps, which certainly seems a missing feature from the Endeavour. Other than that, the tech-fits in the Endeavour literally are in comparison with that of the Pajero’s with a rear glass washer/wiper and chromed and foldable ORVMs out of some to be quoted.

From the inside as well, Endeavour with its new avatar and metallically wrapped instrument cluster looks hot. Double tone beige interiors feel rich and live and a central touchscreen SATNAV command centre looks superior over 2DIN audio system and new infotainment system.

Spacious enough for the three rows, Endeavour now comes with a 50:50 split even in the 2nd row seats while the Pajero’s ratio is 60:40 for the split of seats.  Both cars are big on space but the Pajero with its 430 litre boot gulps-in the Endeavour with its small in comparison 413 litre boot hold.

Pros and Cons 

 Ford Endeavour- Pros

  • Looks
  • Handling
  • Costs and affordable
  • Well build
  • Civilized off road capability

Ford Endeavour- Cons

  • Not much fun to drive
  • Not able to absorb potholes
  • Lack of power
  • Costly spares 

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Pros

  • Excellent performer
  • Better and impressive engine capability.
  • Legacy
  • Better interior

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Cons

  • High ownership Cost
  • After sales service of Mitsubishi
  • Body-roll and engine noise. 

Final Verdict 

The New Mitsubishi Pajero here is great in cardio with a healthy heart, but apart from that the Endeavour with less power and less noise has an edge over the Sport in nearly all the other sections. And hence, if and only if you are not a diehard off-road fan, the Endeavour with its decent road abilities and minimal off-road skills is the car to go for.