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Comparison of Volvo S80 2014 vs BMW 5 Series

Volvo S80@ 41.35 - 44.80 Lakhs, BMW 5 Series@ 39.50 - 58 Lakhs

The ongoing year 2014 has been a good one till now on the grounds of Indian Automobile Industry. The reason is industry has received many noticeable new as well as facelift models since the starting of 2014. This list of cars also includes recently launched facelift model of Swedish brand Volvo’s luxury sedan S80. This car is already doing well since it’s first ever launched in India and now with this updation, company has renovated its interior and exterior to give it a refreshed look than before. In India, it directly competes with few other same segment models like BMW 5-series (excluding 5-series GT), Audi A6 etc. Let’s have a look on the differentiation as well as similarities between Volvo S80 and BMW 5-series, first.


At one side, while new S80 by Volvo gets the much competitive price tags of 41.35 lakhs and 44.80 lakhs, the BMW 5-series seems expensive and giving a chance to Volvo’s sedan to score more by carrying the high price range of 48.90-58.30 lakhs (as per the variants).

Engine details:

Jumps to the mechanical powers, both the sedans share only diesel fuel while petrol-one has been discontinued from Volvo’s sedan. The Volvo New S80 is available with just two variants namely D4 and D5 having different size of engines in each but BMW 5-series carries four variants having 2 size of diesel units.

The S80 D4 gets a 1984cc 5-cylinder turbo diesel unit developing the max output of 163bhp and 400Nm of torque, while on the contrary, BMW’s sedan smaller diesel engine of 1995cc with 4-cylinder is li’l bigger than Volvo’s and churns out the better max power n peak torque of 184bhp, 380Nm and 218bhp, 450Nm (as per the variants) respectively.

Similarly, the next diesel engine of BMW 5-series is much bigger than Volvo’s sedan. While BMW’s 5-series sport version gets a 2993cc, 6-cylinders diesel unit producing amazing max power and torque of 258bhp and 560Nm respectively over the Volvo S80 D5’s 2400cc, 5-cylinder turbo diesel engine developing the max power of 215bhp and peak torque of 440Nm.

The other main noticeable point where BMW is heavier than Volvo is its geared-up transmission which is amazing 8-speed automatic gearbox over the 6-speed auto of Volvo’s car. This better transmission assists 5-series in better drivability and balanced handling on road.

As per their fuel economy is concerned, seems like BMW is not going to back down here too. As mentioned above, the 5-series carries four variants namely 520d Modern Line (1995cc/184bhp), 520d Luxury Line (1995cc/184bhp), 525d Luxury Line (1995cc/218bhp) and 530d M Sport (2993cc/258bhp) which offer respective mileage figures of 18.48 km/l, 18.48 km/l, 17.09 km/l, 14.69 km/l over the not as much better mileage figure of Volvo S80’s which is 16.6 km/l (in 1984cc D4 variant) and 13.1 km/l (in 2400cc D5 variant). Overall, BMW is the clear winner here in this section by a big leap.

The above mentioned mileage figures are ARAI certified.


Being the luxury models, both have sufficient numbers of required driving and safety features which ensure their well riding and safety on road. The BMW 5-series offers more direct driving experience on road in comparison to the other luxury sedan but brakes become eager at low speed.

Contrary, the new S80 provides a firm yet comfortable ride but also result as a heavily drive sometimes due to diesel fuel which is noiseless too at one point or another.

Space & Dimension:

In terms of dimension, both sedans fit in justifying sedan measurement but if compared to each other then 5-series is longer, wider as well as taller than S80 by carrying the dimension of 4899mm x 2094mm x 1464mm over the 4854mm x 1861mm x 1493mm of S80.

Further, the wheelbase of 5-series is 2968mm which is also longer than 2835mm of S80 while 151mm of clear height of S80 is slightly better than BMW’s 148mm. Being the sedan models, both offers seating capacity for five adults with enough legroom and headroom.


Probably this is one major section where Volvo’s sedan gives a rub-shoulder fight to its rival BMW 5-series. After this renovation in S80, many new and remarkable features has been added in this car including new instrument cluster having option to choose any one graphic display themes among three etc. but still it doesn’t mean that BMW lacks down here. BMW is one of those brands which are popular for their luxury interior features and premium quality material. Both the car makers have tried their best in making their respective cars luxuriant and well-suited as per their segment and high price.


While the Swedish car maker Volvo has refined its beauty sedan by designing LED daytime running lights, new integrated tailpipes, redesigned wider grille, refreshed wheels etc, the BMW 5-series is already carrying a slim n thin body with a down-to-earth bottom along with kidney-shaped grille at front which just complements its beauty even more. By justifying the badge of luxury brands, 5-series as well as new S80 both carries a royal eye catching glimpse. Still, on comparing with each other, Volvo S80 slightly outdated in front of BMW’s royal model.


Volvo New S80:- Pros:

  • Much affordable in price than BMW’s sedan.
  • Luxuriant nature at inside.
  • Rich in interior features.

Volvo New S80 Cons:

  • Less powerful engine.
  • Mileage could be improved.
  • Not as much attractive glimpse as 5-series.

BMW 5-series:-Pros:

  • Muscular engine with awesome output.
  • Appealing transmission type of 8-speed Auto.
  • Impressive mileage.
  • Rich in interior features.
  • Eye catching n royal look at outside.

BMW 5-series: – Cons:

  • Costlier than Volvo S80.
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