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Toyota Etios vs Fiat Abarth Punto

Fiat Abarth Punto@ 9.95 Lakhs, Toyota Etios@ 6.03 - 8.45 Lakhs

This comparison is not usual! This comparison is not a regular one! Reason you ask? I give u many! Firstly, because it has two of the most oddly popular and distinctive brands of auto nation, and secondly! Because its a comparison between a performance hatchback and a premium feel compact sedan.

This time, this comparison between two cars is held across the limits, and it has taken place between the much awaited performance hatch, the Fiat Abarth Punto, which is expected to swoosh the market galore real soon. And the Toyota Etios, which is the latest from the Toyota family to the market as a compact sedan, lately. Let’s find out.


The Etios, with a fresh cosmetic uplift looks more sharp, detailed and aesthetically appealing and is tried and delivered to look more sporty with added detailing while it somehow looks more of a sophisticated and neat kid on road. Like a nerd trying to pose a footballer. But on the other hand, the Punto with Abarth interference all along its existence is made to look a more madder and insane version of the uber cherished, current Punto. Looks more ferocious and chunky with speed lines, sports package and detailed paint schemes all around. Certainly above the Etios in looks department but not wholly as its still a spied fantasy. But if that comes to life, the Punto will surely be a rockstar!


Internally, the Etios looks more classic than ever with more skills and refined inner structure, eye soothing color codes and compositions all around with latest to offer in gismotic range. The console, dashboard and seating are all very settling and ideal as to keep par with the Quality revolution of the Toyota family. Seating and room space are all adequately enough and roomy. On contrast, the Punto within, is more of a grey shade villain which is expected to have carried away the grunting theme of agility and ability all around, keeping in mind the latest features to be fascinated to keep the needs and greeds of the new Indian buyer in mind. Expect high level of trims and added safety and entertainment features and instruments as standard. No comparison as for now, Etios with its quality standards is unattainable as for now over the on-paper marshal, the Punto.


Engineeringly! The Etios is available in two engine trims, a 1.5 litre petrol and a 1.4 litre diesel with 90 Ps standard power figures on the petrollled version against the 110+ Ps of the Punto produced over by a finely-tuned Linea borrowed 1.4 litre T-Jet engine. No match for the power figures of the Punto but the Etios is no less with more live feeds to sensations, with tested drives for your sheer driving pleasures and best in class and smooth 5-manual gearslips. Expecting an auto ‘box in the Punto will be no big deal though and would be eternal if proves itself just as the current Punto does, with pure driving expertise to be provided in the market in total comfort for you and your pocket as well.

Lastly, we expect the little hatch to really beat away, not just the Etios but many other fair competitors in the arena but with maiden performance and recognisable aspects of judgement. And expect the worse in the form of pricing, to be a bit on the higher side over some 9-14 lacs in india against the much lower quoted Etios, tagged away with some 5-9 lacs at the most. We believe up till the Punto arrives, let the reality be the sunshine and let Etios be the kind and silent king here on the emperor line. Keep looking for fresh updates and keep driving. Safety first.

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