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Renault Duster Vs Toyota Innova

New Renault Duster@ Rs.8.46Lacs- 13.57Lacs, Toyota Innova@ 9.50 - 14.20 Lakhs

Today’s car market is filled with utility vehicles, the two new once that have resurfaced to shake the market are the much anticipated Renault Duster which clearly has not been a disappointment and the true Indian car from Toyota Innova in a new avatar.


The much awaited SUV from Renault is placed in the range of Rs 7.78 to 11.79 lakhs. The celebrated MUV of Toyota is placed in the price range of 9.42 to 14.92 lakhs. To an average Indian buyer both cars seem a little out of budget. Both face a cut throat completion cost wise.


Innova clearly takes the trophy away as not only does Toyota happen to be the 4th best seller in India but also because of the fact that Innova has a great deal to contribute to its success. From the time it was launched to till date its sales records are sky high and it appeals to both classes and masses. Clear Duster falls far behind in this department.


Innova endorses its same old premium style with allow wheels, front grills and sharper turn lights in all giving it the same old prestigious look. Duster on the other hand is definitely sporty with its Wide wings and a tall built reveal its personality of adventure but with the chromed radiator grill and double-optic front lamps it seems to fit the city mode. Hence it seems as much welcome in sand dunes as it does in traffic. So to exteriors of duster seem to cater the needs of a larger group of people making it the ruler in exteriors.


The basic thing that comes to mind in interiors is space Duster can hold 5 passengers and provides up to 475 liters of space in the boot (depending on version), easily providing enough space for both baggage and self. The best part of duster is its flexibility to cater everyone’s needs simultaneously. To meet all requirements, several packs and options are available: air conditioning, radio-CD and radio-CD MP3 systems, modularity pack comprising, in particular, a 1/3-2/3* split folding rear seat, electric rear windows, leather pack (leather/tep upholstery, leather steering wheel and gear knob), etc. Folding rear bench seat, front driver and passenger airbags, power steering, ABS and Emergency brake assist: simply essential are common in both. Innova on the other hand is clearly more spacious both in terms of boot and cabin space. It has added a full touch screen display audio player, back camera, leather wrapped steering and the climate control. Innova takes the lead even though minutely as Renault has failed to concentrate on the necessary and has just given it eye candies.


Innova provides a maximum output of 75 kW at 3600 rpm and a maximum torque of 200Nm giving it a mileage of 12 km/l. Duster on the other hand screams versatility it’s as good in hills as on road, A performance in which the new manual 6-speed manual gearbox also plays its part, the low 1st gear itself provides 5.79km/h at 1,000 rpm. Also the duster gives you a claimed mileage of 20.45 km/l in diesel. Hence engine wise duster is more superior to Innova.

On The Road

While driving both cars seem to read the thoughts of the driver and yet have an intuition of their own, making them both very driver friendly vehicles. Duster is better when it comes to speeding and handling at all kinds of roads. However it fails to provide the comfort of Innova.

Final Verdict

So all in all if you are ready to ignore brand value and few bumps then cash in the Renault duster now. However if you prefer to continue the legacy of comfort and brand, Innova is definitely your heart throb.

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