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Nissan vs Renault in India | Battle of two worldwide Giants

Renault and Nissan have become famous brands among Indians. The friendly relationship between these two brands is well known for everyone, and it can be noticed in their most of the cars because of their identical models. Its look like that, while both brands have been busy delivering something new and exciting for its believers, they are also constantly following each other patterns with a little bit ups n downs, but still manage themselves to be in competitive list every year.

Nissan’s Micra, Sunny as well as Renault’s Pulse, Scala, Duster are the names which have been established in Indian market and getting favorable and positive responses. The Nissan’s Terrano is yet to be launched, but have already made its place somewhere in top SUVs of this year. Nissan and Renault both beats each other in various aspects, sometimes Nissan shows on top of Renault while sometimes Renault on Nissan.

We bring some popular cars of these brands which are said to be competitors. They are Renault Pulse and Nissan Micra, Renault Scala and Nissan Sunny, Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano. Lets compare them to get one better car in each category.

Renault Pulse and Nissan Micra:


The price range of Nissan Micra could be more competitive.While the Renault Pulse comes at the price range of 4.48-6.74 lakhs, the diesel version of Micra is little bit costlier than Pulse and available at 4.71-7.14 lakhs.

Engine details: in these hatchbacks, the mileage, seating capacity, interior features etc. are approximately similar. Both the cars have diesel as well as petrol version which gives an aggressive mileage of 23.08kmpl(in diesel) and 18.06kmpl(in petrol). The max. power and torque are almost similar along with 5-speed manual transmission.


Both cars share the seating capacity of five passengers.

Interiors & Exteriors:

The Micra as well as Pulse both are equipped with different luxuriant and safety features like AC, CD player, power steering, power windows, central locking, electric power steering with tilt covering, but still Renault Pulse has one week point here and that is absence of ABS system & EBD system, which has been a general requirement of consumers these days.

Renault Scala and Nissan Sunny:


The one difference between these cars is its price range. While Scala is available at 7.28 – 10.09 lakhs, the Sunny comes with price range of 6.30 – 9.14 lakhs, though this difference is not big enough.

Engine details, space etc.:

like other cars of Renault and Nissan, the Scala and Sunny share almost identical features too in terms of engine description, engine displacement i.e. 1498cc(diesel) and 1461cc(petrol) engine, mileage(21.6-diesel, 16.95-petrol), seating capacity of five, other interior and safety features like AC, ABS with EBD, electric power steering with tilt function etc.

But again, Renault lose one more point here in terms of interiors and safety features with the absence of central locking, and obviously Nissan gets plus one.

Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano:

The Nissan Terrano is yet to be launched in India, but the rumour is that like the tradition, it is same as the Renault Duster in aspects of engine details, interior features, but its outside glance is different than Renault Duster. Now we have to wait for its launch to get updated details.


While the Duster comes in range between 7.99 to 12.18 lakhs, Terrano will be available at price range of 9.51 lakhs to 14.58 lakhs.

Engine details, dimensions: both SUVs has diesel as well as petrol version, where petrol version(1.6-litre 4Cylinder In-Line Petrol Engine) is of 1598cc, the diesel version(1.5-litre 4Cylinder K9K Diesel Engine) is of 1461cc.


All we can say that both brands share same features with some ups and downs and following their well known tradition.

When talk about after sales service, both brands get 50-50 reviews, it is said that unlike Maruti and Toyota, these brands are just average in post-sale services in India. Still, if we have to choose any one between these two popular brands, then definitely vote goes to Nissan today because of the availability of some important and trendy interior features in its models.

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