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Nissan Micra vs Renault Pulse

Nissan Micra@ 4.82 - 7.03 Lakhs, Renault Pulse@ 4.48 - 6.74 Lakhs

When we talk about a Renault and a Nissan in the same segment, we are probably talking of a performance war of the two giants. And keeping the tradition and trend alive, we bring you the ultimate battle of the comparison between two cars in the hatchback segment.

From the stable of Nissan, we have the uber classy and ultimately packed Micra and from Renault, we have the much hyped masculine version of the Micra. Let’s find out how sustainable the claims will be proved.

To begin with, comparing these two cars isn’t an easy job as both are almost identical in visual specifications, for being produced under the Renault-Nissan india division. Both the cars are based on the same platform and share components as well as the measures. But the basic difference, if any, is enforced by the headlamps, which in micra comes in two versions with a new variant sporting swept back lamps along with the earlier frog-eyed looks, more expressing than ever bonnet and larger intakes, well-treated end wid LED bits and effectively simple side body are all charismatic. While the Pulse, being almost a clone differs much with sportier front design being more pronounced, curvy sides as of its sibling and sporty blends all around. All in all, both the cars are cleverly designed and deliver tough and effective built and finishes, but the Pulse with more well spoken cues takes away the crown of better looker all around.

Inside, both the cars again will confuse you with not much difference internally. But the Micra with its newly variated variant serves a better and acoustic finish in piano black attire for the dash, accompanied by the old theme in grey. And the Pulse again, following the trend, sports Micra derived interio but in more sharper shades like the plum and black as standard and beige for the premium car feel in the top-end variants. And the feature list goes hand in hand for both cars serving some of the most richest features for the hatchback segments like the keyless entry, Power Windows, MID, climate control etc. Apart from decent creature goodies, these two cars are comparable in comfort and intake sections with enough room for fully-grown 5 adults to settle in but the rear benches in the Micra can give you pain below, over long distances. Otherwise the head, legs, and shoulder rooms are all ample in both with a decent boot of 226 litres in Micra, and an upper-handed 251 litres in the Pulse. Close call there, literally! But Micra with its newness proves its point more specifically

Now its time we explore the heart which lies under the bonnet of these two cars with the Pulse being pulsated with two sets of engines.

  • 1.2 litres, 3 cyl petrol engine squishing out a good 79 bhp and 104 Nm.
  • 1.5 litres, ever successful and conventional K9K diesel engine which produces 64 bhp power and 160 Nm of torque.

On the other hand, the Micra is generated by

  • 1.2 litres, 3 cyl petrol driven mill grinding 75 bhp and 104 Nm.
  • 1.5 litres basic diesel engine which delivers a similar to Pulse 64 Bhp and 160 Nm.

Again with not so different specifications in both, the cars almost served the best at an equivalent level but Micra here, with an add-on CVT ‘Box sweeps away the competition, besides the similar performance and efficiency figures. Apart from that, the Micra here is very comfortable on ride and handles well with light steering and is adequate for the stop-and-go city traffic, and highway pacing is still a tough deal in both the cars by the way. Still, the car forms an overall image of a well-handler. On the other hand, Pulse is a bit dissappointing on the handling and braking front, lacks an ABS, even in the top-variant. So, without any guesses, the podium here lays close for the Micra with better hands in performance.

And finally, being a better bet for the amount spend, with the range starting at around 4.75 lacs, for the active version, then the CVT and other diesel and petrol versions, micra serves as a good value for money deal over Pulse anyday, with the deal starting off from 5.19 lacs, with better dynamics, reviews and customer feedback, remains undisputed between the two cousins. But will the competition be same with the other hatches? We’ll have to wait for it… Keep driving!!

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