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Nissan Micra Versus Honda Brio

Honda Brio@ Rs. 4.69 - 6.81 Lakhs, Nissan Micra@ 5.99 - 7.23 Lakhs

Just as the demand-o-popularity is speeding up for the hatchback market, so as the competition. And with that on count, here we have two new vehicles from the hatchback segment, featured in the comparison between two cars section here.
Here, we have the ever awed Honda Brio and the newly masculanised Nissan Micra.

Balancing them on the design highlights, the Brio represents a cheeky yet admirable attire for a hatchback which looks just too fragile but instead, is real solid in an overall package. Even with those suave aesthetics, glassy boot and chrome bits, it is built tough and has been proven a heart robber in the segment. While on the other hand, Micra has got a lot of serious stuff in this new avatar for the masculinity feeding. It is sharp yet curvy, packed but neatly, all around and built quality is just superb. But on an overall embark, Micra looks as a beat-skipping maniac and hence, with more sophistication, agility, rigidity and elegance, Brio here takes away the looker tag

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A check inside and the competition gets more serious with the Micra’s new all piano black internal theme and dash design, which makes it more of a premium car then before and the cluster is all admirable too. But the hooliganism starts with the Brio coming into the scenario with its ubber quality, premium class interiors for a hatchback, with the opulent blend of a beige and black theme and Honda City derived central console. The Brio here looks more compact from outside, but inside, it will surprise you with the way it accommodates 4 with total comfort provided to each of them. Micra here, meanwhile has an upper hand with 5 seating capacity and a bigger boot. Where in the Brio, the boot is too small and comes with a capacity disappointment. So here, the competition slips more on a diplomatic side with both sweeping the other at some point or the other. Soughted!

As the Brio is available only in the petrol version, we Here gonna compare the petrol engines only, no diesel!
So the Brio here is powered by a 1.2 litre, 4 cyl, i-Vtec petrol engine which churns out 87 Bhp of power output and 109 Nm of torque. Where on the other hand, the Micra is charged up by a 1.2 litre, 3cyl petrol engine which generates 75 Bhp and 104 Nm. Both the cars are available in manual as well as CVT ‘Box shifter for smooth operations of gears but the Micra, being more of a city boy is limited till the city limits, making it appropriate for stop and go city traffic but the Brio is par excellence in this aspect being perfect in city as well on the highways with high revving skills. Micra loses high speed finesse where Brio is an undisputed little hatch with endless capabilities of making it a seriously quick hatch. But Micra won’t be totally let down, because of its strong low-end range, where the Brio isn’t very great in torque.
Apart from that, both the cars are really comfortable with the state of the art absorbers at work in both, but Brio here too, takes away the charm with its unmatched springing abilities and comfortable rides over the micra.

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So, to sum it all up nicely, we would recommend Brio, for a decent 4.72-6.14 lacs hatch, as a total value for money only if you are not bothered with not having some more goodies which the Micra provides at around 5.03-8.04 lacs. But then, compromising some tachy stuff for a practical and rational driving experience won’t make much sense, does it?

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