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News on Launch of Bajaj RE60 – Price, Specification and Feature

This new hatchback is more of a tempo with side profile similar to the Tata’s new Autos! The rear has a completely straight hatch and a not-so- attractive rear bumper, basically the car is mainly for the auto drivers. And yes the car will give huge competition to the Tata’s new Autos launched recently. The ‘car’ better to call it only a four wheeler as it does not really deserve the ‘car’ tag, even Bajaj refuses to call it a car, was expected to be launched somewhere around mid October 2013, but it is reported that this awaited launch has been postponed till late 2014. This 4-wheeler has a very cheap price tag of Rs. 1 lac and goes upto Rs. 1.5 lacs. Well it can be thought that the upcoming Tata’s Nano CNG or diesel version’s sales might be affected with this upcoming Hatchback Bajaj RE60.  But since the base model of Nano is around Rs. 1.4 lacs and definitely looks way better than this, so right now it can’t be predicted about the sales of RE60. But it will be damn exciting g to watch the war of cheapest 4 –wheelers on Indian roads, once this RE60 is launched.

Let’s have a quick look at the Specifications and Features this car will have.

The car will have petrol as fuel and can accommodate 4 persons. At the rear it is covered with a cloth and certainly don’t expect a glass over there!!:p and have the same attitude when you find the plastic hatchback door instead of the metallic one. But it can be a good replacement for the 2- wheelers as the company boasts of offering whopping 35 Kpl mileage. Under the hood you will find the 200 cc DTS-i engine. The max power that will be produced will be 20 bhp and the max speed attainable will be 70kmph. The word RE in RE60 means Rear engine.

Interiors: the inside of the car will be basic only without any flashy or interesting feature. The cabin space might be congested as can be judged from the pics revealed by Bajaj, but the boot definitely has 44 l of space.

The wheels are simple in looks and small in size; the highest variant might have alloy wheels though. The front has a plain bonnet with headlamps on either side. Below the bonnet the brand logo ‘RE’ is visible. The front has an over-sized bumper not appealing to the eyes but it adds to safety.

Right now the car is being extensively tested on Indian soil and its rough terrains. The car has also been spotted various times near Pune. Bajaj is busy preparing the car for the launch and we wish them all the very best!! And you guys stay tuned for more updates.

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