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Toyota Innova versus Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Toyota Innova@ 9.50 - 14.20 Lakhs, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga@ 5.99 - 9.25 Lakhs

If one is known for its quality, the other is a symbol of reliability. If one is known for its liveability and driveability then the other has its own class of desirability and tradition. And if one is a Toyota, then the other is nothing less than a Maruti Suzuki! And here, both of them stand against each other incepting one of the hottest comparison between two cars in the market of MUVs, yes we have indulged our self in comparing Innova and Ertiga, let’s see how this have come up.

Though both are the premiumcars of the MUV segment, the Innova is huge and powerful versus the Ertiga, which is trying to create a segment of its own. But still a seven seater!

The looks department in both cars is fine! Neither they are breathtakingly suave nor they are ugly, just fine! The Innova was refreshed last year which really helped it keeping up with times, but you won’t feel the same once you step inside of this car as age begins to appear. While the Swift inspired interio has literally elevated the Ertiga’sfeatures to a whole new civility as compared to the dated design of the Innova.

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In specifications, these cars are nearly equivalent, but under that bonnet, the Ertiga has a 1.3 litre mill producing 90 Ps and 200 Nm while the 2.5 litre petrol unit of Toyota preaches 102 Ps and a similar figure of torque at 200 Nm. Innova surely is more powerful but not a huge difference of power is there between the two and them, there is 445 kg of extra weight than the Ertiga, that surely is there to affect the power figures and a 4.4 kpl of less mileage than Ertiga as well. About the ride and handling quality, according to our expert‘s review, the smaller Ertiga exhibits strong car-like characters which help it perform in the city and on highway with ease. While the Toyota here with ladder frame design, makes it a better bet over bad roads and over its competitor as well.

And not only being commercially successful, these cars are hit being personal-people moving cars and hence, space is what it demands! 7 people fit comfortably in the Innova but that becomes a bit squeezy in the Ertiga. Also, the third row reach of the Ertiga is a bit tricky business over the ease what Innova provides. Innova sports a huge boot of 300 litres over the 135 litres space behind the Ertiga. But foldable seats option brings relief which is missing in the aged Innova.

Apart from all those figures, the Ertiga won many votes in the customerfeedback and what makes it one of the bestsellingcars of this segment is that it complements its passengers and will perform as good as the Innova because of similar torque conveyance. A really clever engine by Maruti here!

And in the end, Maruti gives you an all-in-one vehicle which you, not only can use for those daily commutes, but for those weekend trips as well and that too at very low overall costs including the sellingprices, costing a nice 6.94 lakh for the base model whereas an Innova costs a slightly upheld 12.63 lakh for the base Gx variant! And with those tipping toes, this Ertiga is surely a winner in our country. A comparison with other latestcars amongst MUVs like the Chevrolet Enjoy and Nissan Evalia will be welcome anyday, anyways! But for this comparison, we would like to give away a good 4/5 star to both the cars, hugely similar. But the Ertiga in the end takes away the cream with a slightly thick whip.


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