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Hyundai i10 vs Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai i10@ 3.81 - 5.54 Lakhs, Hyundai Grand i10@ 4.63 - 6.66 Lakhs
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In the four wheeler market, Hyundai Motors surely knows how to rule the roost and that too, in a new avatar every time. The values that it add to the existing product line along with new editions in every segment, makes it a leader among the peers. With the launch of Grand i10, it has once again set a benchmark in B segment car market. It has surpassed the stupendous success of Hyundai i10 in terms of features that are so power packed and design that adds an oomph factor to it. Though it is set to share the stage with i10, still Grand i10 differs on every count and let’s have a review of those counts in this space:


Cost is a deciding factor for most of the buyers in this segment and as such, Hyundai has kept the price of both these hatchbacks within everyone’s reach. While Hyundai i10 is priced in the bracket of 3.7 to 6.22 lakhs, Hyundai Grand i10 with its superior features is offered in the range of 4.3 to 6.42 lakhs.


While Hyundai i10 is available in Petrol version only Grand i10 comes in both Petrol and Diesel version. Overall mileage of i10 stands at 19.8 kmpl. In terms of fuel economy, Grand i10 gives a mileage of 18.9 for Petrol version and promise whooping 24 kmpl for diesel variant.

Interior & exterior:

Looks are just as trendy in both these cars as every Hyundai product boasts of. Cabin colors, roof railings, legroom, AC vents, on every count; they add a premium touch to their four wheels. Grand i10 has sporty exteriors and spacious interiors with large boot space and good storage capacity for your comfort. Door handles with chrome finish and rear AC vents add an elegant look to it. The exteriors and interiors are loaded with extra features like chrome grille, 14” alloy wheels, larger legroom, Hyundai’s signature fluidic design, rear spoiler, micro roof antenna, and floor console storage.

In case of i10 though, the looks are quite up to the mark as per company standards, with aerodynamic designs that are very sporty but it keeps you wanting for even more in terms of accessorized features.

Special features:

Talking of special features, both these care are loaded with them. In i10, company offers the highest gas mileage as per the findings of ARAI in this particular segment. Glass sunroof to enhance the pleasure of your driving, spacious luggage compartment, adjustable headrests and steering wheels, great automatic transmission, motor driven power steering, information center, effective safety structure, and better overall performance are the features that make i10 a special vehicle.

Having been launched in succession has made Grand i10 superior than i10 on the count of special features. With infusion of innovation into the design and concept, company has taken a giant leap ahead in the market of B segment cars. Its advanced 2nd generation diesel engine is best in the class with better efficiency and performance.

Aerodynamic design with superior fuel economy, better stability in driving, innovative gear shift, proactive safety features, remote controlled steering wheel, map pocket, Armrest switches, 2 DIN integrated audio are the special features being offered in this premium car.


According to this point to point review and comparison of both cars, it has become quite obvious that Hyundai has certainly appended its Grand i10 with more superiority in features and looks but at the same time, it’s high on your pocket as well. So if you go by the price rather than looks, then i10 is a viable option too with less cost and comparatively decent features to reckon with.

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Meanwhile why don’t you check specs, engine details, dimensions, Accessories, and safety features of Hyundai i10 VS Hyundai Grand i10 on our Specs Comparison.

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