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Comparison of Ford Endeavour with Ssangyong Rexton and Toyota Fortuner

Ssangyong Rexton@ 18.87 - 21.10 Lakhs, Ford Endeavour@ 22.15 - 25.67 Lakhs, Toyota Fortuner@ Rs. 25.92 - 31.12 Lakhs
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So, the New 2014 Ford Endeavour is here and how. And it has finally made itself available in the market with some new and groovy features. But as it does so, it has already set up a whole lot full of rivals trying to smoke it out of the league and competition at the same time with the market being smoking hot up here in the mid-range SUV market. And to add more competitiveness to that, we here have brought you an all in one comparison between Ford Endeavour versus all its market rivals like SsangYong Rexton and Toyota Fortuner,. And hence, comparing these cars against the Ford’s mighty SUV based on these market-trending benchmarks like-

  • Price affordability
  • Look of the car
  • Powerful engine & fuel efficiency
  • Brand image & After-sale services

We will try to feed you with the best of this segment.

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New Ford Endeavour vs Ssangyong Rexton

Price Affordability:

  • Both the cars are almost competitive in affordability count according to the segment they belong to.
  • Where the New Ford Endeavour packed with its new amenities cost around 19.5-23 lakhs, which seems just right.
  • The SsangYong Rexton comes at an even mouthwatering price tag with even more fancy feature list at around 18.9-21 lakhs.
  • And hence, SsangYong Rexton here, with more loaded features on board over Ford’s Endeavour seems more affordable for the dough.

Looks of the car:

  • In the looks department, SsangYong had already killed many with its new design theme for an SUV. It looks charming with those eagle eye projector lamps, chrome filled grille and overall design etc.
  • But Ford with its more muscular and savage design with new EcoSport type grille and air dam, wraparound headlights etc. is such a masculine looking new car.
  • Inside as well, Ford looks spaciously and futuristically new where the SsangYong with its poisonous charm inside as well with more creature comforts, literally kills the Endeavour here again in the overall looks comparison.
  • Space wise, Endeavour remains the hailed-king for sure with that enormous size but not many changes are here to be seen in the new version.

Powerful engine & fuel efficiency:

  • Under the bonnet, you’ll find a whole new experience with Ford Endeavour which now comes with much refined engines i.e. a 2.5 litre and a 3.0 litre diesel engine with decent power figures, more refinement and typical Ford appeal.
  • But SsangYong on the other hand has blasted the case with its 2.7 litre diesel engine for all the three models it comes in with more power in each of them as compared with Ford’s engines. They perform awesomely, pull with every throttle click.
  • The AMG designed AT system also manages the distribution of the power well to all the four wheels in Rexton. Still, the engine has unpleasant noises and crankiness about it. While the new AT system of Endeavour works more operationally and smoothly over SsangYong’s dated and cranky one.
  • And on mileage figures, where Rexton delivers a disappointing sum of 9KPL, the Ford being more efficient returns a decent 12.67KPL in compliance with ARAI.
  • So, choosing power over refinement would be a tough job and hence Ford Endeavour looks more promising over here.

Brand image and after-sales service:

  • If we go according to the brand image and service pattern, than Ford might offer you a bit costly deal over after-sales accessories and spares here.
  • But SsangYong being new in India and that too through Mahindra would be a doubtful case.
  • So better not choosing the odds, Ford Endeavour would offer better service, resale value and brand value on a whole.

Final Conclusion:

Ford Endeavour is new and fresh, but SsangYong Rexton had been here since quite a time. And so, coming to a more practical approach, we choose Ford Endeavour to be more brutal amongst both with stable and trustworthy Ford’s brand value, refinement in the engines, newness and decent performance from engines over SsangYong’s Rexton which seems more charming but that rugged feel is missing with not so refined engines. 

New Ford Endeavour vs Toyota Fortuner

Price affordability:

  • On affordability quotient, both the vehicles have very distinctiveness in their respective price ranges.
  • When Ford offers the three trims of its new SUV, Endeavour at a price range of 19.5-23 lakhs in the market, which seems an affordable deal.
  • Toyota very proudly and prominently prices its market owning SUV, Fortuner at a much high side of affordability at around 21.82-23.5 lakhs.
  • So, Ford here tries to achieve more affordability with more practical pricings in this segment for sure. Trying hard against Toyota.

Looks of the car:

  • Look wise, if you thought until now that the New Ford Endeavour looks rugged, then Fortuner is going to change that thought for you completely.
  • Fortuner looks more mean, beastly, huge and brutal and also has those abilities when taken off the road as well over Endeavour’s soft-roading bus-like looks.
  • Even the inside looks of the Fortuner feel dominating with overall space and comforts over Endeavour’s, just that they now look and feel old and need update.
  • Otherwise, on an overall count, the Fortuner looks heart rending.

Powerful engine and fuel efficiency:

  • Under the hood, Ford and Toyota offer way too different deal for the bucks you spend on them both.
  • Ford offers set of two, new and refined engines i.e. 2.5 litre and 3.0 litre diesel ones.
  • But the Fortuner offers a single 3.0 litre engine with Toyota’s Quality, refinement, which overpowers Ford’s any day with more power and low end grunt for true city, highway and off-road fun together in a single car.
  • Both the SUVs come with optional AT system for more oriented performance but Toyota lets it top end 4×4 model to be manually operated for more enthusiastic off-road fun while the Endeavour focused more for refined road cruises, uses an AT in the top 4×4 variant.
  • On efficiency counts as well, Toyota with its much refined and performance oriented engine seems to rejoice its customers with a decent 13KPL mileage on an overall while the Ford does the drill a km more with 12.67KPL of overall mileage.
  • So anyways, without a doubt Toyota Fortuner remains the uncrowned king still, with more practical and smooth engine outputs and more capabilities.

Brand image and After-sales service:

  • If there is a company whose brand image has been constantly reclaimed, then that is Toyota. And hence, offering better after-sales service, strong brand presence and resale value, Toyota is a remarkable name in the market.
  • While Ford is legendary as well, with good hold in market with its much famed legacy, but compared with Toyota’s, that too in Indian market, seems a bit dull with more costly service and spares and a considerably low resale value.

Final conclusion:

With better engine, performance, looks (in and out) and on an overall package value, Toyota Fortuner seems much better a deal over Ford’s refreshed Endeavour any day. It’s value for money and fun at the same time.

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