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Comparison of Fiat Linea vs Toyota Etios vs New Honda City

New Honda City 2014@ 7.53 - 11.58 Lakhs, Toyota Etios@ 6.03 - 8.45 Lakhs, Fiat New Linea@ 6.99 - 9.72 Lakhs, Honda City@ 9.29 - 10.62 Lakhs
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Toyota Kirloskar, the Japanese car manufacturer on the brink of Diwali launched the facelift version of its appreciated sedan Toyota Etios as new Toyota Etios which is known for its build quality and ride. Etios on the other hand is basic exterior and interior design. In this comparison section we are comparing new Etios with segment dominator Honda city and Fiat’s esteemed Linea. City is ruling this segment since its launch while Linea is giving the competition in terms of Size and brilliant overall package. So today, we bring you a comparison between three consecutive segment sedans, New Toyota Etios Vs Fiat Linea Vs Honda City on the basis of their:-

  • Price affordability
  • Looks of the car
  • Powerful engine and fuel-efficiency
  • Brand image and after-sales service

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New Toyota Etios vs Fiat Linea

Price affordability: 
  • Pricing section here is very clearly dominated by the New Toyota Etios being more affordable.
  • Where the Linea will take you to a bracket of high pricing around 6.99-9.72 lakhs. The Etios will come more affordable at a range of 5.74-8.16 lakhs.
  • Though the difference is not too high, but still it makes Etios to be more affordable for the section against Linea.
Looks of the car: 
  • New Etios might come more affordable, but Linea looks more sophisticated and classy otherwise.
  • With fresh new grille, chrome work and beautifully sculpted design and curvesLinea looks more appealing.
  • The Etios on the other hand is sharp and compact, but lacks a certain charm factor in looks appeal with very simple design yet added chrome bits in it looks rich somehow.
  • Apart from that, even internally the new Linea looks fresh and more appealing than the Etios with more features, leather upholstery options and two-tone cabin finish with Piano-black central console.
  • So on an overall level, Fiat makes a more beautifully designed car than Toyota for our pick to be the winner for the section.
Powerful engine and fuel-efficiency: 
  • Under the hood again, Linea makes more sense with two engines for both fuel types than the Etios.
  • Linea gets a 1.3 litre diesel and a 1.4 litre petrol engines for optimum performance, unmatched driving pleasures, refinement and that too in total efficiency.
  • On the other hand there is Etios who’s set of two engines i.e. a 1.4 litre diesel and 1.5 litre petrol engine seem efficient and refined for sure, but lacks the punch they should otherwise have. But they are stress free and long running otherwise, just like the Fiat’s mills.
  • Apart from that, both the cars get 5-speed MT system for almost equivalent and slick shifting of gears.
  • And finally in the efficiency counts, we have Etios which delivers 16.78 KPL from petrol and 23.58KPL from diesel mills, making it the efficient car amongst both.
  • Where on the other hand, Linea returns mileage counts of 15.7 KPL via petrol and 20.4 KPL through the diesel mills.
  • Still, for more refined structure, power figures with decent efficiency terms and Italian genes of engineering, we choose Fiat Linea’s engines to be our pick for this segment.
Brand image and after-sales service
  • Fiat had been around since quite a long time, still people had not been so prudent in choosing and considering the brand a lot which makes the overall image of Fiat to be a bit dull in India which otherwise is very bright. Also, this effects the after sales-service and resale value of the car to be not-so-good.
  • Toyota on the other hand, with its Quality revolution had been popular amongst the customers as a brand and hence offers very niche after-sales service along with a very decent value to the vehicles on resale due to their long lasting commitments.
Final Conclusion

On a concluding note, we think if only people will start recognizing the image and actuality about Fiat, they will fall in love with this Linea sedan as we do while we chose it to be the winner of the segment against Etios which indeed is not bad a car, but lacks in certain charming and potential figures but still seems great buy for people with strict pocket.

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Fiat Linea vs Honda City

Price affordability 
  • Both the cars fight in a very competitive Sedan market to prove their respective supremacy.
  • Still, with a price range of 6.99-9.72, Linea seems a slightly more affordable than the New City.
  • Which otherwise covers a wider price band of around 7.19-10.99 lakhs.
  • It very clearly declares the Linea to be our pick for being more affordable.
Looks of the car: 
  • Linea might have defeated Etios by its charming looks and appeal, but this time the competitor is tough, the New Honda City.
  • In this latest Avatar, City looks charming yet edgier with new H design language, solid wing face chrome grille, chiseled body with character lines, all new tail-lamp cluster and rear end. Even the side profile gets the hint of the update.
  • Whereas on the other hand, Linea might look sophisticated as a sedan, but still, with its sculpted design, chrome infusions etc. Can’t beat up the sporty style of the City.
  • Even from the inside, the City gets more features than the Linea with first in class features like 5″touch infotainment system, sunroof etc. With improved inner material quality, driver focused central console and better space.
  • Linea on the other hand seems new and fresh as well with dual tone interior finish, intuitively live Piano-black central console and other sedan class features.
  • Still, we pick City to be our choice, to be the winner of this segment.
Powerful engine and fuel-efficiency- 
  • City once again takes away the cherry with not only two more refined and powerful engines to offer, but they also take care of your pocket as well in total efficiency at the same time.
  • Comes in two engine variants i.e. 1.5 litre i-DTEC diesel and another 1.5 litre i-VTEC petrol for more cleaner and meaner drives.
  • Fiat on the other hand also places two very sharp and performance oriented (but small in comparison) engines under Linea’s hood. Out of which, one is a 1.3 litre Multi-jet diesel while the other is a 1.4 litre T-jet petrol engine.
  • Both of Fiat’s engines are refined and masterpieces of Italian engineering. But still, in comparison lacks a blend of power, punch and efficiency which City really amazingly serves.
  • While the Linea gets a 5-speed MT system, City comes with even smoother and hassle free 6-Speed MT system along with an optional CVT AT system for petrol variants.
  • And even after having more powerful figures and bigger engines than the Linea, City impresses also in the efficiency counts as well. With a class leading mileage of around 19 KPL from the petrol and 26 KPL from diesel, City delivers better efficiency than its competitor which delivers 15.7 KPL through petrol and 20.4 KPL from diesel mills.
  • According to above mentioned points which make Honda City as our pick for this segment as well.
Brand image and after-sales service: 
  • Again, with considerably less exposure in the Indian market, Fiat doesn’t get recognized in our country which also affects its service network and resale value to be low according to the actual product value.
  • Honda on the other hand has a very clean and powerful position in the market and hence, offers very impressive after-sales experience along with better resale value for the vehicles.

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 New Toyota Etios vs Honda City 

Price affordability: 
  • Among the three cars Toyota Etios scores more in price department, Toyota Etios is more affordable than Honda city.
  • New Toyota Etios starts at 5.74-8.16 lakhs against City’s 7.19-10.99 lakhs. Etios base variant is 1.5 lakh less than City’s base model and top variant is also around 2.7 lakh lesser than City’s top variant
  • New Etios certainly gets our vote in this section without a doubt. 
Looks of the car: 
  • New Toyota Etios gets some cosmetic changes but it cannot match the gracefulness of Honda city.
  • New Toyota Etios carries more of conventional sedan looks whereas Honda city has muscular appearance with bold front side.
  • New Toyota Etios gets some changes in the form of new front grille, upgraded headlamps and circular chrome finished fog lights which make Etios more pleasing.
  •  Honda City overall design is more pleasant one, overall looks of fourth GEN city is better than its predecessors like front side with H badge supported by a chrome line adds grace to the City’s looks.
  • Rear side of Etios is too simple for a sedan, whereas Honda City’s taillight which is being rejuvenated and lifted boot lid looks eye soothing.
  • In the cabin Honda city seems to be a clear winner with features like premium leather upholstery, black grey shade dashboard, 5 inch audio system with USB, AUX support and touchscreen control panel, three spoke steering wheel with cruise control and audio controls make City a way better and classy car than New Etios.   
  • New Etios on the other hand has two tone color scheme with faux wood, 2 DIN audio system and LCD screen but when we compared it with City the features list of Etios is too small in front of New City. 
Powerful engine and fuel-efficiency- 
  • In this section as well Honda city stands superior over new Etios with more refined and powerful engines.
  • Honda City with its two power pack engines i.e. 1.5 L i Dtec Diesel engine and 1.5L iVtec Petrol engine with the figures of 98.6BHP power, 200Nm torque and 117BHP power and 117Nm torque respectively.
  • New Etios has same engines like the ongoing model i.e. with 1.5L SOHC petrol engine and 1.4L Crdi diesel engine with output of 88.8Bhp power, 132Nm torque and 67.7Bhp power and 170nm Torque respectively which is clearly lower than that of City.
  • Ride and Handling wise City is a benchmark setter in the segment considerably the top car in the segment against Verna, Vento, Rapid and Ciaz. New Etios is also not a bad car in ride quality but one has to be excellent if they want to beat City in this segment.
  • In the fuel efficiency department again city stands ahead of new Etios, City delivers mileage figures of 26 KPL for diesel and 17.8 KPL for petrol trim, on the contrary new Etios returns 23.6 KPL for diesel and 16.78 KPL for the petrol box. 
Brand image and after-sales service: 
  • Toyota Etios is considerably less popular than the Honda’s City, people are less aware about the Etios than City.
  • In after sales service department both the companies serves well to their customers but when it comes to who is better among the two, City’s reliability and clean services takes away the cake. 
Final Conclusion

Finally, we believe after achieving heights in making refined engines and with such performance counts, Honda once again had achieved success in blending its earlier achievements to total efficiency which proves to be really commendable a job by Honda. And hence we pick City to be our choice. Still, Fiat Linea remains the hero of our hearts with equal level of competitive spirits. New Toyota Etios remains way behind the two powerhouse performers in almost every department.

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