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Renault Duster VS Mahindra XUV 500

New Renault Duster@ Rs.8.46Lacs- 13.57Lacs, Mahindra XUV500@ 11.21 - 17.36 Lakhs
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Well we Indians are economically thoughtful, but on the other hand we are obsessed with size and show too. So what do you think will be a combination of these two in India, like? We say, total madness and a huge business. This is something which two of our favourite car makers here, applied to grow instantly and made the best out of it. So let’s find out how this comparison between two cars from Renault and Mahindra is set out in the category of compact SUV segment.

To begin with, both the cars are somehow like each other and are based on the advanced Monocoque construction frame and vary not much in power-to-weight ratio. But that is all about similarities and we appreciate it ofcourse. What makes them apart are the other elements responsible for success.

Both the cars have their own reasons for the respective designs but following the expert‘s reviews, the XUV is designed attractively but is not a very good looker with a bit over the top-ish feel in design hues versus the Duster, which carries over the Logan inspired boxy shape but Renault has very neatly carved the certain elements of the car to make it look big when it is not, and overall appeal remains simple, plain but soothing. But the XUV doesn’t need to look big, when it is already very huge in size.

Enter both the cars and you’ll feel an odd transformation of thoughts with the XUV catering Mahindra’s best, in cab-in styling with features stuffed and centred to the middle touch screen console. While the Duster is neat, but not as feature packed as its fighter and carries a lack in quality of the plastics used as a stigmatized thing to its liberty.

Under the hood, the Duster feels frugal and proven with a 1.5 litre dCi, K9K diesel engine with an output of 108 bhp and 248 Nm. And the XUV again robs the deal with a traditional and reputed 2.2 litre mHawk diesel engine pumping out 140 bhp of power and 330 Nm of torque, making its ride effortless and performance oriented. And not to forget the mileage figures, which is where the Duster outperforms the XUV with a mileage of 19 kpl over 500′s 15 kpl overall.

In an SUV, the most important thing is size and space. The XUV here is huge, and can seat 7 easily in those huge and cushy seats all around the cabin and has a decent boot to compliment the whole scenario. Duster takes the compact theme way too seriously and can fit only 5, but effortlessly.

In ride and handling department, these cars are unmatched with XUV topping over with very impressive overall performance by engine, a smooth transmission, a very nice and nimble manner during the high-speed runs and stays totally in control with the steering feedbacks so good. The suspensions too, compliment the whole dynamism on a stiffer side to grasp confidence over those chiselling corners very easily with a bit of roll in the body, but that is negligible for it being an SUV, says our consumer car reviews. The Duster meanwhile is a no non-sense drive with enough grunt to satisfy most of us. The turbo lag is here before that 2000rpm mark but the car surely has a strong mid-range for those open roads and the smooth 6 speeder keeps the revs low at highway speeds. The car is a bit soft on suspension front but we bet that’s nothing wrong until you are on a plan to exploit this car around fast corners. Otherwise the springs suppress all the bumps and potholes so subtly and the cabin experience of the car remains silent and vibrations free. But there is one thing which is just unbeatable about this car, that is its off-road ability being a FWD, which the XUV being an AWL couldn’t achieve.

And towards the end, all we can say is the Duster is a nice car overall with a superb and class proven engine, wide price range of 9.40- 14.65 lakh, all the necessary features and superb ride but missed out on a lot of comfort creatures and dynamics which the XUV serves very easily. And if you gotta pay a bit higher amount like some 14.83 lacs for the XUV, then its totally worthy for a class at this cost, still a profitable deal. And so, XUV 500 from Mahindra is our clear winner of this comparison here.

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