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News on launch of Toyota Fortuner 2.5 L – Price, Specification and Feature

Toyota Fortuner@ Rs. 25.92 - 31.12 Lakhs
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Have you noticed the news that Toyota Fortuner is again going to get a renovation soon?? As this SUV has been already renovated with advanced modifications, but this time its heart i.e. the engine is going to take an upgrade. The new 2.5 l, D-4D SUV is identical to its former variant but with an upgraded turbocharger and top-mount intercooler. This upgraded version will give better fuel efficiency over the previous variant (3.0 diesel liter, D-4D). This new Fortuner is expected to be launched in December 2013.


The company has planned to reduce its cost too. While the price range of currently existed version of Fortuner is 22.01-23.62 lakhs, the upgraded version is expected to be launched at the cost of 20-22 lakhs.

Brand Value:

Needless to say that Toyota has a unique reputation among Indians. Every buyer trusts on this brand and its reliable services.

Engine details:

Though this newly equipped 2.5 l, D-4D turbo diesel engine is much smaller than the previous one which will also make it more economical but still it will produce the equal torque and also act as more fuel efficient engine. This renovated version will offer the similar torque of [email protected] and max power [email protected] as compared to the 3.0 l diesel engine which offers the same torque but power of [email protected]

This upgraded version is equipped with an upgraded turbocharger i.e. variable nozzle (VN) turbine and an intercooler which will allow this new engine to produce the equal torque like the former i.e. 3.0 diesel liters, D-4D.

Interior & Exterior:

It is expecting that no changes have been done in its interior as well as exterior. The features which were available in its previous version (Toyota Fortuner) are as it is embellished in this too.

Car Zoom’s take:

This upgraded SUV has been launched in Malaysia and now ready to make its debut in India soon. It will be exciting to see how this new 2.5 l D-4D engine with updated turbocharger as well as intercooler will perform on roads.

Its comparatively smaller engine, better fuel efficiency and reduced price than the previous version will definitely attract a large group of buyers in Indian car market. It is made for comfortable and easy driving along with affordable price which will surely assist the Toyota in enhancing the sales of Fortuner.

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