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Comparison of Datsun GO vs Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R

Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R@ 3.62 - 5.09 Lakhs, Nissan Datsun GO@ 3.00 - 5.00 Lakhs

The Indian car market gets a new member in its hatchback family by all-new brand Datsun. The Datsun entered the Indian market with the support of Nissan and its new hatch GO is being manufactured in Nissan’s Chennai plant only. The rumors are on high in the crowd that Datsun’s this new model is going to take over the many popular n settled ongoing same segment models and when we went deep in the details of all-new GO, we found that these rumors can be true coz GO has all that deserving factors in it. Well, in this queue of our research, we compared the Datsun’s new hatch with the established ongoing Maruti’s hatch Wagon-R which is doing much impressive since its launch in India.


Usually, anyone who is planning to buy a new car first of all consider the price range of the respective cars and then proceeds further as per her/his budget. And in this flow, Datsun really has done well by offering its new hatch with much affordable cost than other successful same segment models. While the new GO carries the price tags just between 3.12-3.69 lakhs, the ongoing Wagon-R is much costlier and comes with-in range of 3.48-4.37 lakhs.

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Engine details:

The GO scores more again by offering bigger engine size than the Wagon-R’s. Datsun hatch is powered by 1198cc, 1.2 liter petrol unit which is responsible to produce max output of 67.07bhp and 104Nm while the Maruti equipped a 998cc, 1.0 liter petrol fuel in its small car which develops the equal power of 67.07bhp but comparatively less torque of 90Nm. Both the hatchbacks are mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox, though.

Well, the Wagon-R also has LPG trim as an optional fuel unit.

In terms of fuel economy, both the cars offer almost same ARAI certified mileage figures of 20.6km/l in GO while 20.5km/l in Wagon-R.


While Wagon-R is appealing its customers since its launch by offering smooth drivability and balanced handling on road, the new GO is not less than the Wagon-R on the grounds of performance. If examine deeply then GO somehow takes the cake from Maruti’s car due to having a larger fuel unit and better torque which assist this model in better road handling and performance.

Space & Dimension:

As clearly seems in looking at first sight, the Maruti’s hatch is having a square like shape just with a bonnet ahead. This shape makes it much taller than the Datsun’s GO but also less long as well as less wide.

The Wagon-R is 3599mm long, 1495mm wide and 1700mm tall while other hatch GO is 3785mm long, 1635mm wide and 1485mm tall.

The 2450mm wheelbase of GO is 50mm longer than Wagon-R’s which carries 2400mm of wheelbase while the clear height of GO is 170mm over the 165mm of Wagon-R. Here, one of the biggest disappointment in Wagon-R is its tiny car boot of just 180 liters which is far-far lesser than wonderful boot of 265 liters of GO.

The Datsun’s new hatch is much spacious than Wagon-R and offers more comfortable legroom as well as headroom which seems missing in Maruti’s. Both the models have seating capacity for five, though.


Being a new model, Datsun GO gets many new and updated interior and comfort features in comparison to older Wagon-R. The mobile docket for holding the mobile in car and Aux-in portability etc. are making their warm presence as new equipments in GO (but only in top variants) while missing in Wagon-R. Also, option of addition of accessory packages has been provided by the Datsun on paying more money. These features are distinguished as various categories namely Women Edition, Family Package, Sporty Package, Trendy Package and Essential Package which have some mutual while some different features in it. To know more about these packages, visit:


But still, we can’t say that Wagon-R has nothing in comparison to GO, it still has many features as per today’s need like body colored bumpers, electronic power steering, AC with heater etc. In short, both the cars have many requisite features as per their small size n less price range but GO definitely scores more.


Well, it’s the section where GO is a clearly winner due to having much better outside glimpse than Wagon-R. While the Wagon-R looks outdated and strictly needs an updation in its glimpse, the GO is attractive and looks classy. The Datsun has served a better design with appropriate features package in small budget.


Seems like, Datsun unlike the Maruti doesn’t feel the need to equip required safety features in its hatch. While Maruti ensures Wagon-R’s safety by giving it required devices like Antilock Braking System (ABS), driver SRS airbags (both as optional though), the GO doesn’t have any of these.


Datsun GO Pros:

  • Affordable price range than Wagon-R.
  • Comparatively bigger engine size and better torque.
  • Spacious than Maruti’s hatch.
  • Looks trendier.

Datsun GO  Cons:

  • Disappoints on the grounds of safety.
  • Brand is new and can’t even sit behind the Maruti this time.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R Pros:

  • The badge of India’s most trustworthy brand Maruti.
  • Excellent after sale services.
  • Rich in safety features.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R Cons:

  • Costlier than GO.
  • Lacks in terms of space, especially boot space is so small.
  • Not-so cool exterior glimpse.
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