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Comparison of Datsun GO vs Hyundai Eon

Hyundai EON@ 3.21 - 4.06 Lakhs, Nissan Datsun GO@ 3.00 - 5.00 Lakhs

Datsun Go vs Hyundai Eon

Datsun has come back in limelight by hitting the Indian car market with a small car carrying a smallest name-tag which falls under the country’s highest demanding category, hatchback. This new hatch is named as GO which has been launched yesterday with a really affordable price tag to give a deserving tough fight to its rivals.

While Indian Automobile Industry seems to be in profit by this new launch, the stars of Datsun are also going to shine with its first-ever launch, must say Datsun played a really clever game with appropriate strategy in this new GO on the grounds of price, performance, features etc. As it’s obvious to raise a competition between GO and other same segment rivals, we are also here to distinguish the new GO with ongoing Hyundai’s hatch Eon.


So let’s start with the most important point and that is budget of the cars. While Hyundai offers Eon’s base variant at 2.83 lakhs and top-end at 3.81 lakhs, the Datsun GO carries the price tag of 3.12 lakhs of base while 3.69 lakhs of its high trim. It can be seen clearly that both the cars are available in affordable prices with few ups & downs. If Eon’s base variant is cheaper, GO’s high-trim.

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Engine details:

The mechanical powers of Eon somehow lacks down than the GO, the reason is the smaller engine with less power of Hyundai’s hatch than Datsun’s. The Eon carries an 814cc, 0.8 liter petrol engine developing the max power of 55.23bhp and peak torque of 74.5Nm which seems tiny somehow in front of GO’s 1198cc, 1.2 liter petrol unit which is good to produce the much-much better power and torque of 67.07bhp & 104Nm, respectively.

The common thing in both these small cars is the gearing-up of 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. As far as their fuel economy is concerned, despite of having smaller engine and less power n torque, Eon offers comparatively li’l better mileage of 21.1 km/l over the 20.6 km/l of GO.

The above mileage figures are ARAI Certified.


While Eon is ongoing model and has many users already, the new GO has just launched yesterday and thus doesn’t have many customers yet. But still we tried our hand on this trendy new hatch and come to the conclusion that GO performs far better than the Eon on road. GO’s better power and bigger engine makes it to give not only better performance but smooth drivability as well even in city roads. Contrary, the Eon’s reports are not that good; its users find this car li’l bit heavy and massive in city. Hence, Datsun’s car clearly scores more here than the other.

Space & Dimension:

Again, the new GO is a king in terms of its dimensions due to carrying the longer length, more width, longer wheelbase and even luggage space is more in this model which makes the GO much more spacious than the Eon.

While Datsun GO is 3785mm in length, 1635mm in width and 1485mm in height, the Hyundai Eon is 3495mm long, 1550mm wide and 1500mm tall.

Also, the Datsun’s hatch carries the longer wheelbase of 2450mm and wonderfully better car boot of 265 liters over the 2380mm and 215 liters respectively of Hyundai’s hatch. Though, both the cars share the same ground clearance of 170mm and seating capacity for five passengers.

On the grounds of space, GO takes over the Eon by a big leap coz of having better luggage compartment, better legroom n headroom. Also, five adults can easily sit in GO but not in Eon. The front row of GO is like a bench now without any partition like the 2nd row and hence more space for holding the goods or even the sixth passenger can be adjusted there. Overall, Datsun has designed its hatch better than Eon at inside the cabin.

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At inside the cabin, Hyundai offers a big line-up of features equipments in the Eon and so does the new GO. The GO carries few appealing features like Mobile Docking station with USB charging n Aux-In portability, follow me headlamps, tachometer etc. Datsun has offered seven different surprising packages in its new Datsun GO which can be availed by paying extra money in addition to the actual cost of this new car. These new bulk of features are placed in various categories as per the people’s need which include features like mood light cabin, reverse parking sensor, remote locking security system, rear as well as side window curtain, cushion pillow kit, PVC luggage mat, fog lamp kit, gear knob leather, rear speaker, fabric seat cover and many more. To get more details, visit:


Contrary, Eon has many comfort devices like keyless entry, internally adjustable outside mirrors etc which are missing in new Datsun GO. Additionally, the one-more positive thing of Eon is its material quality which is far better than the Datsun’s car.


The outside glimpse of both the models is appealing and attractive as per their size. Styling and refining doesn’t differ much in both, having body colored bumpers, sharply curved lines, Eon as well as GO both offers a really nice package as per their small budget. It’s somehow impossible to opt any-one better among these two.


Must say, both the cars lack in safety features but still if we have to choose any one between these two then definitely our vote goes to Hyundai Eon. The reason is Hyundai at least equipped safety device like driver airbag etc in its car, but Datsun Go doesn’t have any one of airbags or ABS, not even as optional. One of the most required safety features ABS (antilock braking system) is missing in both, though.


Datsun GO Pros:

  • Comparatively powerful engine with better power n torque.
  • Spacious than Eon by a big leap.
  • Better on-road performance.

Datsun GO  Cons:

  • Brand is new, so can’t say anything about its after-sale service yet.
  • Requisite safety devices are missing.

Hyundai Eon Pros:

  • Slightly better mileage.
  • Slightly rich in safety features and material quality.

Hyundai Eon Cons:

  • Smaller engine with less produced power n torque.
  • Lacks in its space availability.
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