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Chevrolet Sail 2014 Vs Ford Ecosport

Chevrolet Sail@ 5.50 - 8.06 Lakhs, Ford EcoSport@ 6.79 - 10.44 Lakh

In a lay man’s language cars have always been of two types one that lets you explore, stunt and the other that endorses luxury. This fight of ages yet again embarks itself with the stereotypical battle between a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and a sedan. This time the EcoSport is much superior to the other SUV’S like Scorpio and safaris comfort wise, features wise and likewise sail is not just luxury. Both cars rule in their own genre but can one overpower the other. Let’s find out.


Chevrolet Sail is placed in the price range of 5.19 to 7.64 lakhs. Ford EcoSport is priced in the range of Rs 6.14 – 9.49 Lakhs. Both these cars are placed at an unbelievably affordable rate considering they are sedans and SUVs’ respectively. However between the two cars price wise sail is much more affordable considering the income of an average Indian household.


Even after the steadily increasing sales after being founded in 2003 Chevrolet is in no way comparable to ford. Ford being founded in 1995 seems more trustful and till date holds a much superiors position in the Indian market than Chevrolet. 


Chevrolet didn’t make any change in the power trains of Sail sedan; hence it remains same like previous GEN model. When we compare it with SUV EcoSport sail sedan proves to be a disappointment with its 1.2-litre petrol which gathers only 85bhp and 113Nm of torque that too at only at 5000rpm giving you a mileage of 18.2Kmpl. The 1.3-litre diesel manages only 77bhp of power and 205Nm giving you a mileage of 22.1 Kmpl. EcoSport comes in two engine options – 1.5-litre diesel and 1.5-litre petrol. The 1.5l diesel offers 90bhp and 204Nm of torque while the petrol engine offers 110bhp and 140Nm of power. Both the engines are mated to a five-speed manual gearbox giving a mileage of EcoSport is 22.7 kmpl. Hence taking the legacy of an SUV forward, EcoSport is the clear winner. 


Chevrolet has made some changes in the exteriors of Chevrolet sail but still underlines simplicity and portrays a very man like built to its car with its chrome surrounded stylish  headlights, sporty 12 spoke alloy wheels and bold Chevy front styling. Though it looks a decent looking car especially tail lights are simple yet catchy.

On the other hand EcoSport with its fiesta inspired looks truly justifies the sportiness of a SUV with the ambient lighting, scuff plate, side step bar, roof rails and a spare wheel cover attached at the end of the car. Also EcoSport comes in a wide range of colors to cater the conventional and the unconventional mass. Both cars have a sense of masculinity attached to them which leave you in awe and hard to miss on road. 


Both EcoSport and Sail are comfortable and elegant in their own perspective; Sail sedan has dual tone black beige dashboard with faux wood inserts in the cabin. Door handles and gear knob now gets chrome touch, entertainment front is also a improve one now with 2 DIN audio system with bluetooth, hands free and 5 phone pairing system. Rear bench place is certainly a plus point for Sail as it easily fits in 5 persons.

On the Other hand Ford Eco Sport has aspiring and well packaged interiors especially the sporty instrumental centre console. Central console embedded with sporty MID with blue lighting which will impress you, Audio system is simple and nicely compliments the design. Underneath the audio system there is climate control panel which will chill the cabin in no time at all. Seats are made of great quality and provide good support with front seat height adjustability.

Apart from that both cars are equipped with features like bottle holders, rear armrest, tilt steering, electrically controlled mirrors and air bags which clearly make them worth buying cars. However with the SYNC system enabled in EcoSport it seems to be just the car and makes the Bluetooth enabled inbuilt sound system with AUX and USB ports in sail fail. Now storage space wise sail is the true winner however SUV Eco Sport with its luxurious cabin steals the trophy. 

On The Road:

On the road however even though turning radius is much better in EcoSport than in Sail takes the cake away as the car seems to be very comfortable with bumps in comparison to EcoSport and provides a less jerky journey and disappoints you only when you try to speed the car up. Both cars provide ABS+EBD system and the correct size for Indian roads.

Ride Quality of Sail is certainly better than Eco Sport, the engines are though less powerful than Eco Sport but with better on road ability Sail sedan takes way the cherry. 

Final Verdict:

To sum up we can say it’s between comfort v/s adventure. If you want a strong engine with a better mileage and an explorer’s car then there is no better car than EcoSport. However when it comes to comfort, class and luxury sail is the best affordable car. Ford EcoSport is based on futuristic design technology while sail is a conventional looking family sedan. Space and pocket affordability wise Sail is better but when it comes to looks and features wise Eco Sport stands out.

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