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Chevrolet Enjoy Versus Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga@ 5.99 - 9.25 Lakhs, Chevrolet Enjoy@ 6.24 - 8.79 Lakhs

So, MPVs and MUVs are hitting the Market very rapidly! We have the new and latest Chevvy Enjoy and the emperor of this section, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

So, from talking about the design cues, the chevvy here looks all refreshed with none inspired independent looks and sharp lines, tall design and humongous profile. On contrary, the Ertiga is a sweetheart with a blend of looks, borrowing elements from a Ritz mated to a swift head lamps. And to be honest, looking at it you won’t realise that its an MPV. so here, the Ertiga being a looker, poses superior in aesthetics but that doesn’t even make our competitor weak. Not ofcourse, with that catch-the-eye appeal!

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 Enter the car and you’ll be stuck appraising both the cars covered in black-beige theme and replacing that all black and boring conventionality. But the Ertiga, with swift inspired interio will make you go whooaaa! While on the other hand, the Enjoy won’t excite you much on that front with not so impressive quality of the material. But talking about being feature friendly, these cars go just head-on-head in that with a room full of safety and creatu-ristic add-ons. Both the cars are nearly equivalent in this but the Enjoy takes away the deal with optional leather and more comfortable and supported seating made for proper long rides but lags with those old-school entertainment package compared to Ertiga’s nu-age bling.

Adding more to that, if we talk about a real MUV, then here again, Enjoy is the winner with more focus presented all around the cabin in making it more roomy and airy with large glass area for good all round visibility. You won’t feel clustered there in it!

On the other hand, things go a bit squeaky in the Ertiga with not much room in the third row, where the Enjoy gets even better. Even getting to that seat is a trick in Ertiga where in Enjoy, you do it like you spread butter on bread. Which clearly makes Enjoy more enjoying winner of this section of the comparison.

Open the hood or take along these two on road, the Ertiga leads the lot with a 1.4 litre K14B petrol engine and a 1.3 litre DDiSturbodiesel engine borrowed from the SX4 over the Enjoy with 1.3 litre Multijet Turbo diesel engine and a 1.4 litre petrol engine. And with leads the way, we didn’t mean it excels. Its just it came before the Enjoy. Otherwise both the cars are just ensembles with similar power figures and Maruti with its conventional charm and quality, leads the engine specification and segments until and unless the petrol from Chevvy doesn’t bother. And when it does, it surely changes the game with the way it performs!

But then, the Ertiga being a more healthy combination of power and fuel efficiency over the Enjoy, takes away the performance game. But Enjoy will always have an advantage of being a RWD here and that is something really gonna make its presence felt.

Apart from that, with hydraulic power steering and smooth but industrious suspensions, enjoy outperforms the Ertiga in ride and handling. But that doesn’t change the game, because here, Maruti gives Chevvy a tight prick with heavy steering and ample feedback for planted feel and it doesn’t feel huge for its size on the controls. And suspensions are smooth but makesErtiga a plush rider over bad roads only with a marginal roll of body and high driving position.

 So, all done! All we have here are these two cars trying to prove their supremacy in the segment over their reviews and customer feedback. And keeping in mind the commercial market as well, for the MUV segment, both the cars are priced really competitive, but Enjoy here takes away the crown off the emperor for the segment being the total value for money and also being the newest car in the segment as well. Otherwise we would never underestimate the Ertiga and the only reason for its defeat being old now and waiting for its revamping. Hope we get them together again, and this time! With a new Ertiga instead, maybe!


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