Why Your Car Needs to be Waxed Often

Buy that waxing kit to prolong your car’s shiny exterior

A car is a prized possession for most of us and the first car is like true love. You feel for that car and as much as we want to deny, maintaining the car is essential to make it last longer. With dirt, pollution and water acting as deterrents waxing not only helps clean the surface it also protects against fading of the car. Here are 5 reasons to pick a wax and polishing your car this weekend:

Shining exterior


Don’t we all want an advertisement-like super shiny car? The easiest way to get that glossy look like a brand new vehicle is to regularly wax the car. 3M and Carnauba wax are great options and readily available online.


With smog levels in India hitting a new high, we might be suffering horribly health wise but it is also decreasing the shelf life of our vehicles. Smog, pollution, acid rain all are corrosive in nature and often lead to thinning down of paint making it easier to scratch. The wax creates a protective layer on top and helps maintain the color.

Reduce cost of repairs

A wax doesn’t remove scratches but it fills them in, smoothening them and decreasing their appearance. Also filling car scratches with wax is less costly as compared to fixing them completely.

Clean hard water spots

Many times, some water spots never seem to disappear from your car. Even when you try to rub them off these stubborn stains stay and spoil its beauty, car wax is a super easy way to remove these spots. Not only does rubbing the wax remove old stains, the sealant in the wax also prevents hard water spots.

Repairs sun damage


Don’t you feel that over the months your car doesn’t shine the way it used to? Well parking your car over long periods in the harsh sun can often leave the paint dull. But not only does waxing and rubbing ensure that the colour doesn’t fade, it also repairs the damage because when you rub the wax, on damaged areas it regains the shine.

Cannot slough off the weekend waxing and polishing the car? Well call the experts or simply find one at your nearest petrol pump as most brands approach tentative customers there.