Renault Captur- Expert Review

Renault Captur Side

In this era, neck to neck competition is going on among the automobile makers as they want to take the reins of Indian automobile market which has been witnessing the exponential growth. Renault has launched its new car ‘Renault Captur’ to make things tougher for its competitors and to win the hearts of Indian customers. Let’s find out whether it is really worthy to buy or not:-

Renault Captur Back


Price of Renault Captur varies as per the models:-

  1. Captur RXE Petrol — Rs. 9.99 lakhs
  2. Captur RXL Petrol — RS. 11.07 lakhs
  3. Captur RXT Mono Petrol — 11.69 lakhs
  4. Captur RXT Petrol — 11.86 lakhs
  5. Captur RXE Diesel — 11.39 lakhs
  6. Captur RXL Diesel — 12.47 lakhs
  7. Captur RXT Mono Diesel — 13. 09 lakhs
  8. Captur RXT Diesel — 13.26 lakhs
  9. Captur PLATINE Mono Diesel — 13.88 lakhs
  10. Captur PLATINE Diesel — 14.05 lakhs

Engine details:

  • Renault Captur offers two engine options: 1.5-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel. Its H4K 1.5L petrol engine generates the power and torque of 106 PS power and 142 Nm torque whereas the K9K 1.5L diesel engine generates the power and torque of 110 PS and 240 Nm.
  • The gearbox of Renault Captur is light and ensures that you won’t face any problems while shifting the gears.


  • Renault Captur provides the comfort zone to the driver in terms of technology.
  • Front and Side Airbags will make you feel safe while driving.
  • Renault Captur is not going to let you down if you try to push the envelope.


Renault Captur Seat

  • The dashboard of Renault Captur is attention-grabbing as everything seems perfect.
  • Seats are smooth so you don’t need to worry if you have to cover the long distance.
  • Renault Captur offers more than enough space so that driver and passenger don’t get uncomfortable.


Renault Captur Top View

  • Renault Captur looks stylish as its front and rear end have been finished superbly.
  • ‘Auto Headlamps’ and ‘Rain-Sensing Wipers’ also grab the attention in a first look.
  •  One of the key points of Renault Captur is its ‘Dynamic Turn Indicators’.

Final Verdict:

  • At last, we must say that Renault Captur has all the things to give the real competition to other SUV cars. It has proved its worth too.

So, if you have already bought this car and want to tell us something else about this car, mention it in our comment section.