Toyota Etios Cross – Critic Reviews

Auto Expo 2014 Toyota Etios Cross Exteriors Side View
Auto Expo 2014 Toyota Etios Cross Exteriors Side View

As Toyota is describing, this new Etios Cross is a car for those who want to buy a SUV but have budget of a hatchback. Critics find it a good experiment and thinks that this new crossover has tendency to get so much applaud than earlier came VW Cross Polo coz of few beneficial points of it. Let’s see what these points are.


  • Solid Toyota quality assurance and reliability which prove to be one of the most important pros for this car.
  • Decent price tags which make it easy for middle class family to buy a utility vehicle in a hatchback cost.
  • Toyota offers an excellent after sale services and low cost maintenance post buying which make the car pocket friendly even after purchasing it.
  • The riding quality is good in both petrol and diesel variants; classy and comfortable enough to perform well on highways and city roads.
  • NVH level in diesel fuel is low enough that it doesn’t make noise at all once warms up.
  • Premium feels of interior and availability of requisite and trendy features.
  • Toyota manufactured this crossover in such a way that its size doesn’t seem much bigger and hence it doesn’t create trouble in congested city roads.


  • The ground clearance is much low for a SUV. Toyota should have improved it. It’s just 4mm more than the ongoing Etios Liva hatchback.
  •  Though, car’s size make it comfortable to ride in city roads but still its designing, dimensions etc don’t suits a crossover model.
  • It’s just seems like slightly stretched version of Liva hatch.