Tips to Take Good Care of Your Car

Tips to Take Good Care of Your Car
Tips to Take Good Care of Your Car

We know how much you love your car, but just like any relation; your car also need care, concern and pampering. Here are some Carzoom Tips on how to take very good care of your vehicle.

Follow these pointers and make sure your hotwheel will love you back.

1) Insurance of your car is must: to support your car in worse time like accidents etc, make sure car has insurance, as the insurance companies take full responsibility of repairing and servicing the car.

2) Keep inspecting and changing the engine’s oil regularly. Fresh oil has the tendency to keep your engine fresh and maintained. A car engine should be changed after covering every 5000 / 10000 (as recommended by car makers) miles to keep engine refreshed.

3) Keep your car clean. Wash it from outside and inside carefully without damaging anything at regular time period.

4) In a vehicle, every moving parts need greasing regularly otherwise it could be jammed or blocked and your lovely car will retire so early. So grease car’s moving parts.

5) Use window deflector screen in your car to protect its interior plastic from destroying, also park the car in shade, use UV protection etc.

6) Do you know how to check the tire’s pressure? If not then you should learn it. Also keep a tire pressure gauge in your car and check pressure regularly; atleast once in a month coz weather change can also reduce your tire’s pressure even if there is no leak.

7) Air filters needs to be replaced regularly too. If you will not do the same then unclean air filters will allow dirt to reach the engine and your car’s engine will damage so quickly.

8) One more thing which you must know that during the change of oil in your car, rotating of tires is necessary too; this will help the oil to reach in engine faster.

9) You must know how to change a tire for your own safety. Learn to use the jack and lug wrench during tire change, so that if you will face trouble somewhere in between the way, you can help yourself.

10) At last, keep a kit with some important papers always with you, this includes a ‘safety and how to protect a car’ booklet, car’s papers, insurance papers, receipts if your car has repaired earlier etc.