Tips to Improve Your Car’s Mileage

Tips to improve your cars mileage
Tips to improve your cars mileage

With fuel prices jumping to their new high every month, here are some tips to get best out of your vehicle. You can thank Carzoom-India for money saved. 🙂

1) Drive smoothly on the road. If you are accelerating too fast then sudden braking can reduce the mileage by 10%. Follow the speed limit to obtain best mileage of the car.

2) Change the engine’s oil regularly as older oil can consume dirt which will not only affect the engine but mileage too. Also don’t use the premium fuels; it doesn’t increase the fuel efficiency.

3) Car’s tyres should be inflated regularly. If your car’s tyres are under inflation then it means contact area has increased between the tyre and the road, which will result as extra friction between road and tyre rubber, hence the engine will consume more fuel.

4) Keep the air filter neat and clean, as dirty air-filters consume dirt and can reduce the mileage by 3-5%. So, check the air-filters as well as oil properly and replace if necessary.

5) Shut-off the engine if you are going to stop at a point for more than a minute as idling car also consumes fuel. But if you are going to stop for less than a minute, then shutting-off your engine is not a good idea because it needs more fuel to restart an engine.

6) Clear away the mess which have occupied in your car. This extra weight will make the car heavy. As a result, car will consume more fuel. So keep the unwanted material out from your car and save up to 2% of fuel.

7) The higher the gear, lesser fuel will be consumed. Use appropriate gear at appropriate speed. Try to drive at higher gear, as lower gears eat more fuel at the time of accelerating.

8) Use the clutch ONLY when needed. If you will continuously press the clutch pedal at the time of driving, then the engine will consume more fuel.

9) Similarly, switch-on the air conditioner only when you require, because it eats fuel too. But also one thing should be kept in mind, if you will keep the windows closed and AC on, then you can save more fuel because the open windows increase the aerodynamic drag of a car with the increment in fuel consumption.

10) Choose the LPG/CNG variant in your car over the petrol or diesel as it consumes less fuel and offers best mileage. It is pocket friendly too and will cost you lesser than the other two variants.

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