Maruti offers discount on Ertiga to take over the Honda Mobilio

Maruti Suzuki and Honda
Maruti Suzuki and Honda

Since the time Honda declared that it is going to make its bang entry in MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) segment in India, Maruti seems insecure for its same segment model Ertiga. It is not hidden that Maruti’s this MPV was the only one till now that was enjoying the admiring of this segment from so long and somehow was the king of India’s MPV segment. The reason behind this was the availability of very less rivals for this car in Indian automobile industry.

However, there are already some other same segment models in market like Nissan Evalia, Chevrolet Enjoy etc but on the grounds of popularity and customers appeal; no one sits next to Ertiga.

But time has changed now and so has the situation of MPV segment. Because now, it’s the Honda that has made a grand entry in this segment of multi-purpose vehicle with its classy MPV Mobilio. Honda is a brand which sits just next to Maruti Suzuki on the basis of reliability and trustworthiness. This is the reason; Maruti is in tension now and is taking every possible step to take over the Honda’s Mobilio.

And in this queue, Maruti is now offering a discount on its classy Ertiga. This offered discount is total of Rs. 70,000 including a Rs. 25,000-30,000 cash discount, up to Rs. 50,000 in exchange bonus and a corporate discount. Ertiga, which is getting a satisfactory sales figures, is being offered with discounted amount is clearly the sign of competing reaction by Maruti Suzuki.

However, Maruti Ertiga is still cheaper than Honda’s Mobilio without even a discount but still company doesn’t want to take any risk to back down. The Ertiga carries overall price range within bracket of 5.8-8.4 lakhs over the Mobilio’s costlier price of 6.49-10.86 lakhs.