8 Bad Habits That Damage Your Car

8 Bad Habits That Damage Your Car

A vehicle is one of the most costly assets we all purchase and hence taking care of it is very important. As cars are used for different purposes in our daily life, we often forget that simple steps can actually damage our beloved vehicle. And unknowingly we do many things that damage our vehicle’s body and engine. Here are different habits that we possess which deteriorate our car and should be avoided.

8 Bad Habits That Damage Your Car

Not using parking brake

Not engaging the parking brake of a car takes all the weight to the parking pawl. Doing this causes the parking pawl to ultimately exhaust the break making your shifters of no use. It is very important for everyone to use their hand brakes.

Keeping low fuel in car

By doing this you purely ruin your car’s fuel system. Drivers should know that fuel pumps remain cool if they are regularly filled with fuel. So, if you are running short of fuel always try to make sure to fill up the tank and do not move in the reserve gear for long. Most of the drivers don’t have the idea that it may lead to costly repairs in future, so, should be avoided.

Suddenly shifting from reverse to drive

When you are trying to fit in a tight parking area it is common to shift from reverse to drive suddenly. By doing this you strain the drive train as it is forced to move in another direction from where it was moving earlier. You just need to make sure you have completely stopped from shifting to reverse or drive.

Carrying heavyweights

Driving with extra weight decreases your gas mileage and puts extra stress on your car’s mechanism. Try loading only with what is acceptable rather than overloading it till last.

Dragging the brakes downhill

Driving down the hill in speed is dangerous for you as well as for the life of your car. One needs to remember to keep the foot on the brake pedal and slow down the car while going downhill. Using brake pads suddenly strains the brake system and eventually damages the vehicle.

Revving cold engine at high

It is a good idea to let your vehicle’s engine warm after it has been parked for a lot of time. Warming up allows the car some time to circulate the fuel around. The abrupt temperature changes can damage your vehicle’s components and deteriorate them. Your engine works smoothly if you’re patient enough and give time to engine warm-ups.

Riding the clutch

You are on the red light in your manual transmission and suddenly pressing the clutch as soon as the light goes green is not the right thing. This damages the pressure plate, release arm and release bearing of the vehicle. Doing this you damage your engine and it is you who will pay for its repairs later.

Sudden brakes

Frequently slamming the brake pad damages your car’s mileage and can even deteriorate other parts of the vehicle. So, sudden brakes and rash driving should be avoided.