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User’s review of Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V@ 20.25 - 24.26 Lakhs

A user of the EX-L AWD flavor of the CR-V is fully satisfied with the car and finds it suitable for all occasions and terrain. Being lazy he just wishes it had a remote control hatch! Well, another user is too happy to have got this car as it requires oil change only after 10,000 miles of run or once a yr which is much better than his former Mercedez which was for repair every month!

A user who bought the LX 2WD rated the car high on performance and ride quality. The car gives him good mileage figure of 33mpg (mostly highway driving) with ECON on. He also suggests others to drive at low speeds 55 MPH to get higher mileage, upto 40 mpg and to choose 2WD over AWD for better fuel economy. According to him the car is full value for money, the only 2 disappointing factors are no arm rest for the passenger and no heated seats option. After having drove some 3000 miles the car computer shows him still 70% of oil life is there and he also realized the trade-off between the gas mileage and acceleration.

Another user who owns the CR-V EX-L AWD for 2 weeks now feels a lot of improvements have been done in the ‘13 version than the former. Though some people are dissatisfied with the power steering, she is still optimistic about it and enjoys the comfortable ride it offers. She compared different brands before choosing this one and is a happy customer now. User of the EX-L 2WD praises the interiors, the comfortable seats, plenty of room for head for a 6’2’’ ft man even with the sunroof in the car. There has been deduction of the road and wind noise in comparison to previous version. The tyres are ‘T’ rated thereby will give longer treadwear life. The mirror on the driver’s side is now integrated with a convex mirror which gives a wide angle view of the road behind. But certain things he didn’t like about CR-V are: it doesn’t provide options of power tailgate and homelink buttons (to control lights & garage door opener) unlike the Accord and other models of Honda. Also the separate a/c vents are missing on the rear unlike Accord. Another user also points out the inbuilt button for garage opening which was present in his 07 Camry however he appreciates the versatility, comfort, smooth drive and economical feature of CR-V EX-L.

Well, here’s a user who upgraded from his 2007 CR-V to 2013 CR-V and finds the problems he had with his former car are solved. He felt his previous car was noisy, not-so-good drive and AWD lagged time before shifting power to rear wheels. He also suggests others to test drive this car before getting a compact CUV.

Like all Honda Cars, this one gives butterly ride to its passengers with many new features added like the rear view convex mirror and improved console, the new CR-V shows the earnest effort and thoughtful brain of the Honda engineers, but there are few things which still need to be added like the rear a/c vents and the inbuilt garage opener. For those considering a compact SUV, this one’s worth your consideration.

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