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Toyota Etios – New variant – Features & Specifications

Toyota Etios@ 6.03 - 8.45 Lakhs
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Are you looking for specs and features of Toyota Etios -Xclusive Variants? Please check out expert’s opinion, Petrol Variants Details, & Diesel Variant Specs of all new limited edition of Etios. Click Here, to get all info. 

Toyota, here in our nation with more than a decade of existence has always been a high quality captivator of its share in the market of premium Sedans, SUVs, and some revolutionary MUVs.  And with such a selective yet effective fleet of vehicles, Toyota has always been true to its claim of bringing “Quality Revolution“.

Toyota recently entered the compact sedan and hatchback market with its products like the Etios and the Liva and this entry was a bit late as compared to other companies making sky high sales and filling their pockets with the profits made out of their compact products.
But as they say, better late than never, Toyota once again showcased to the world that they might be a little late, but they are here for a long run with the ever successful Etios Q- class, which witnessed a very warm figure in sales and costumer affection in all over the country and is now all ready for a new cosmetic change to bring about a new freshness to its popularity. Let’s catch a glimpse of that…


Seems like Toyota knows it well to hit those right buttons on right time when, on taking feedbacks from customers and various critical analysis, they represented a more eye-appealing Etios to the floor this year. With subtle cosmetic changes, this new Etios looks handsome and sportier to some extents. Those new front grille with metallic imprints on them add more of a premium feel to this car and will surely catch your vision as soon as you fall prey to it.
As we said, the car now looks more sportier with what Toyota call air-fins, on headlamps and over tail lamps.
With turn indicators on side mirrors as an option on the top-variants, the overall design of the car looks just the same with the changes so subtle that they would not be recognised until and unless you know how to read the car inch-by-inch or you are a designer nerd, really!


The car, from the inside feels richly uplifted as well with the first thing coming to meet the eyes are the enhanced ORVMS, which blend with the cabin body and very nicely replaces the boxy feel of the previous car. The sportier it looks from outside, the more classier it is made from the inside with replacement of red-black interiors by more sophisticated ash brownish fabric, for ultra visual relaxations. The instrument cluster is same as before and still in the centre  (awkwardly), but illuminated with a more vibrant blue light and audio system comes packed with AUX/USB and Bluetooth as standard.

Comfort levels are enhanced too, with an additional adjustment option for the headrest and height adjusters in the top-variant. Suspensions here are just perfect, neither too stiff nor too soft, to provide not just that extra comfort while hitting the potholes, but providing stability and control to the car while hitting corners.
And lastly, the car as always offers ultra class safety with ABS and Airbags, now made available with the mid-level trim also.


As claimed, the car is uplifted only facially. So the engine duo is same as before with a 1.5 litre petrol producing a total power of 90 [email protected] rpm with torque figures of 132 [email protected] rpm. And a 1.4 litre diesel engine, producing a decent power of 68 [email protected] rpm and torque is 170 [email protected] rpm.

Both the engines are married to a 5-speed manual transmission system for a butter smooth operation.
Both the engines are smooth and linear in power and works very adequately yet effectively in both city and on highways. Finally a car with such capabilities, kudos guys!

Diesel here gives no turbo lags, yes you heard it right! No turbo lags! And both the engines feel very subsequent on power and performance and no need of extra power will be felt until you are exploiting the car’s accelerator fully with 5 people on-board and AC boosting on its top cooling! Which hardly makes sense right?

Mileage Metre-
Etios serves well on fuel efficiency with ARAI figures as 16.78 kmpl on petrol
And 23.59 kmpl on diesel.


The car sheds rate on top-variants with a range for petrol variants starting at 5.45 lacs and the diesel variant’s bidding starts at a good 6.7 lacs.
Color options are again the same with 6 different shades in options

  • Symphony Silver
  • Harmony Beige
  • Vermilion Red
  • Celestial Black
  • White
  • Classic Grey

P.S-Toyota Etios gives sign of clear acceptance by the customers with a sweeping sales of 4742 units in the month of march itself. Been there, done that! Do you still wanna wait? Just go and grab your keys to perfection at compact size.

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