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Nissan Micra Facelift – User Review

Nissan Micra@ 5.99 - 7.23 Lakhs
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Whatever might be the market buzz and claps, but the real test of a car is only counted upon the number of buyers or fans it becomes capable of luring towards itself.

And if we talk about the customers report and response over the new faclifted Micra, it had to be something very new as the car is.
Starting off, with this guy who test drove the car recently, claims that just like others, he also thinks that the earlier car looked a bit cheeky and he did feel shy to buy that one and that’s why bought a swift instead, but after test driving this dynamically new Micra, he is all tempted and convinced to buy a new car for himself and why not, when he gets a more manly feel from Nissan at a price so satisfying. He further continues and praises the new CVT box as a new component in the car but was a bit dissatisfied due to no CVT option in the diesel variant. But driving the manual transmission diesel variant, he says further,” CVT or not, this car is way too smoother on ride front then its predecessor, even with the same older mill,” and the highway finesse which this car lacks, doesn’t really bother much to him either.

Car’s new interior is a sure shot hit and he felt the same with the new all black and silver blended interior scheme and instrumentation.

On the other hand, a customer who was so willing to buy this upgraded version was taken aback as he didn’t really like the new looks of the car and says, “this won’t age as gracefully as the previous version did,” but liked the freshness of the car from the inside and as the car hasn’t gained an absolutely different shape, the space and comfort levels for him remained the same.

But he seemed to be worry about only 2 airbags as standard where an i20 provides six. But seemed contented also, as 4 out of all the six models sport this ultimate safety feature with those additional ABS with EBD and brake assist features, missed out in the 2 base models. And not really being satisfied with the overall newness, our guy here seems to have a consideration for the non-faclifted, Active variant, putting forward a diplomatic reason of engine similarity! Could we say anything on that? I don’t think so.

And the mileage department for both the buyers were of least interest due to already proven, above decent mileage delivery of this car on both the fuels.
All-in-all, many of the aspiring and interested buyers swam around and felt the freshness of the car, both in and around, and praised the car for its intra-city ride quality, made even smoother and fuzz free with the CVT box in petrol variant. But some of our inter-city riders were a bit dissappointed with the highway ability of the car as a downside, a not so high speed friendly steering and noise on higher revs. And many of our aspirants here complained about a common thing which can be a lack in the sales of the car, the after-sales service and costly spare parts which had been a bit tricky job with many Nissan customers.

Besides, the petrol variant is praised by many for its ability of being revved at higher rpms and the diesel for the low-end cruising and the comfort level of cars for both driver and passengers were found as positive by many of the people who had their hands on this new Micra. Else, now its your turn to hit the nearest showroom and experience this refurbished hatch once you finish reading our words on it.

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