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Volvo V40 – User Review

Volvo V40@ Rs. 24.75 - 27.70 Lakhs

A user who test-drove the car lists his observations, according to him the pros are the ride quality and handling of the car. He was impressed with the style quotient especially the rear hatchback of the car. He measured mileage of the ride and found it to be 13.2 kmpl and the top speed he could achieve was 194km/hr. Well according to him the cons are not enough boot space & rear headroom and complicated gearbox. And not to forget about the visibility from hatchback is low, which is only good to give better appearance to onlookers.

According to another user the car provides ultimate safety tools and rides fairly well. Yes he too liked the Scandinavian influence of the car and the style which is comparable to Audi and BMW. But he feels that the car is bit overpriced, only the upper class can afford it and he agrees to the previous user regarding some problem with the gearbox.

Here’s a user who rated the car 4 stars on comfort, interiors, safety and engine and 4 and half stars to looks. He compared the prices of Audi Q3 and Mercedes Benz A-class with this Swedish car, and found it to be costlier!!

A user from Bangalore finds the car attractive especially that seductive look when you first see it, he chuckles! But he feels that the looks can be enhanced further. According to him the cabin provides ample space for comfortable stretching of legs. Yes the car is costly he agrees and also costly to maintain and along with that he suggests Volvo to enhance the fuel efficiency factor. He got a mileage of 16.81 kmpl. He appreciated the advanced juke box which consists of a DVD player and radio which gives good sound quality and add to the vibrant environ inside the car. The car has no. of automatic features including the remote fuel and lid opener. There are multiple storage options here and there like sunglass holder, cup holder etc. Features like armrest for the driver seat, back rest on the rear seats tend to give comfort on long journeys.

A viewer feels that the car resembles the look of Ford Focus and only the brand name differs. But agrees the safety features this car provides like the City safety, pilot assist, turn-with-steering headlights are unique to this car.

Overall the car is a ‘pricey –issue’ but for those who love to flaunt about their costlier possessions and the ones who want to quench their thirst for beauty in a car can own V40 cross country  with exciting 6 colors and admire it rest of their life. Also who feel that safety is the utmost important factor in deciding a car can own it and rest their minds in peace and hearts in joy and pleasure this leisure car. But for those who are looking for good mileage and affordable rate should try other brands. India being a democratic country, onlookers have the right to enjoy the beauty while it rules on the Indian roads.

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