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Nissan Micra – Critics Review

Nissan Micra@ 4.82 - 7.03 Lakhs
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Nissan was always said to be the brand that sells its products out of genuine quality instead of using glamour. Only when this thought process started to seep into people they introduced Micra which endorsed the exact opposite and the name of the brand fell as instead of quality all this car was glamour.

Exteriors and Interiors

Even with the slight exterior changes Micra still seems to portray a feminine look which is a great disappointment to all the macho men. Space wise this car has a very nominal boot space but the aching fact is that all rear passengers have to endure the lack of thigh support which is quite the concern. Even with the so called huge changes in the bumper, front fenders, boot lid, tail-lamp clustering (LED treatment),and the additional lower lid, the car in totality seems quite the same. Interior wise all of the changes remain restricted to the centre control area which clearly screams namesake.


Nissan Micra starts at 3.5 lakhs.


To say that Nissan did not make any change would not be true as Nissan has madenotable changes from its ancestorwith a four-cylinder of torque 63bhp and the much required 1.5-litre diesel motor. Also Nissan has now introduced a Continuously Variable Transmission i.e. CVT ’box. However the sad part is that thischange remain limited to the petrol engine.
Nissan with all its changes still has that weak bottom-end issue which prevents the smooth gear changeablemechanism than os quite the necessity in India’s trafic. Also during your drive on a highway, the weaker top-end would become the sanding realitymaking the ability to revive your engine not only difficult but quite the Noisy affair as well.


Nissan has always been a reliable brand but this time quite a few complains and reviews of disheartened customers are popping up stating the break issues or noise issues. Whether these are just humbugs or not can not be clearly asserted but one thing is for sure, Nissan is definitely loosing its brand value and buyers.

On The Road

This is where Micra seems to choke you. The driving dynamics of Micra remain as poor as they were in its ancestors. The steering outright disowns you at higher speeds andthanks to its soft suspension the car fails to absorb bumps therefore a lot of jumps can be felt making it not the car for comfort and luxury. All these and the above mentioned attributes make the ride in Micra not a cherish able or enjoyable which is one of the major attribute associated with a car.


It would be completely wrong to say that, neither the car has made improvements nor that it has improved in the wrong areas. Nissan has definitely made quite remarkable changes yet the changes seem to make the impact probably because of the cars price or the fact that the changes in totality seem unnoticeable. All in all Nissan should have stuck to their trend of merited cars than hire an a rated actor to do the ads.

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