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New Ford Fiesta 2014 – Critic Reviews

Ford Fiesta@ 8.50- 10.18 Lakhs
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Well the facelifted Ford Fiesta had been launched without creating much drama in the market about it. Still it had been successful in gathering enough customer and automobile buff’s attentions so as to make it feel lime-lighted. We also, were quite impressed with the way Ford had done enough labor on the new Fiesta to make it not only look better than before, but also to make to feel more refreshed and that’s why we produced towards you a full cover story of the car, making it a consecutive part of our words in our various sections like reviews, specs and other comparisons. And now, moving further towards covering the car completely, we here today bring you a Critic Review of the car. In which, we’ll very quickly discuss some of the highs and lows of this car as measured by our esteemed critics after going through this car very thoroughly and carefully.

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  • New facelifted design cues, new European styling with Fresh new chromed front grille.
  • The rear looks good as well with new tail-lamps cluster and chrome infusions.
  • The interiors of the car are same yet handsome, feels modern and sporty.
  • The more efficient and capable 1.5 litre diesel engine is responsive and punchy.
  • One of the best and user friendly infotainment systems available in the car.
  • Voice control feature saves a lot of concentration for pure driving feel.
  • The price range of the car which makes it one of the most affordable Sedans.
  • The safety features of the car along with very rejuvenating interior features.
  • Best in class drivability, handles superbly around corners.
  • Nice feedback from the steering wheel is a pure bliss.


  • 5-speed MT feels comparatively lethargic in shifts.
  • Only a single fuel, single trim engine option feels disappointing knowing the fact that Ford can do wonders with a petrol mill.
  • Newly designed, still feels boxy and bulky with same side profile and overall dimensions and shapes.
  • Could have been more feature filled like its competitors.
  • The rear room feels a bit stressful with tight headroom. Claims to be a 5-seater but in reality can only accommodate 4 adults.
  • There is a certain turbo lag in the car which makes it produce knocking sounds while accelerating from standstill.
  • Costly spare parts and service from Ford.

Final Verdict

Like any decent car, the new Fiesta has its ups and downs, highs and lows. But as to consider what our deemed Critics suggest, they liked this car for its highs, and we believe the lows will get taken care of in the meantime as this is a fine product overall. But if it didn’t sell before, then it was because of the fact that it was costly and ugly, but now in comparisons, it still looks considerable and fresh. And if we could compromise on that, well then it’s the best handler in the market available with superb interior styling sense.

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