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Maruti WagonR Stingray – User Review

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A user who took a test ride of the car list his findings here. For him the pros of the car are the fuel efficiency which was 20 kpl in his case. Though many people wouldn’t like the box-like shape of the car, but he was ok with that. The Cons were the not ample leg space especially at the rear and improper driver seat height adjustment.

The exteriors look fine, but the Xenon lights definitely catch anybody’s attention! Other plus factors the car has the audio controls mounted on the steering and the Piano finish of the interiors. The upholstery is comfortable according to him and also the ride quality is good. The suspension quality is very good thus breaks are no more jerky. The car is stable at speeds as high as 110 kmph. The car which he took for test ride was the top variant which was ABS technology enabled, so he felt safe on even on high speeds. According to him the car is full value to money, so he recommends people to test drive the car and even buy it.

There is this anther user, who finds Stingray Sporty and stylish. He even tempts to compare its looks with that of range rover and safari dicor. I wonder?? …:p Though, he too feels that there is lack of boot space like the previous user. He also thinks that the tyres could have been better. He finds that the car has almost the same features like WagonR. According to him the K series engine which the car has is perfect and also feels good about the gearbox in the car. He suggests Maruti Suzuki to improve the rear lights and the wheelbase of the car for even better response from people. It is definitely a thumbs up deal for him on buying this car, he recommends this car to middle class people with sporty desires.

And here comes a completely negative review from a user who gave a 0 to all parameter of judgement of a car like looks, engine, features etc. That’s weird! Lets find out the reason! Surprising the mileage he got was 12 kpl in city on the test ride!!! Astonishing?? Was he trying to move over Himalayas with this car??? The reason for his disappointment was that the car has no new features except for new front bumper and xenon lights, it was like the same old WagonR!! A contradiction to the first user who said the car was highly stable even on high speeds, here’s this buddy who feels the car shakes at high speeds. Even the air conditioner in the car couldn’t cool him so he found problem with that too!! He definitely doesn’t recommend this car to anyone.

So guys and gals after reading this interesting contradiction of views from different users you can only rely on yourself, so just ask a Maruti dealer to arrange for your Test drive! Rule the roads and your own thoughts about this car!!

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