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Expert’s Review of Chevrolet Enjoy MPV

Chevrolet Enjoy@ 6.24 - 8.79 Lakhs

So, the chevvy Enjoy is quite a hit with the costumers and a total value for money too. As said earlier, the buyer itself is getting smart for its purchase and so, it certainly makes them develop that skill and fascination to test a car on the standard norms and remark it.
But still, we need expert words on these new machines hitting the market as they can never be emotional about a particular brand or product which most of us can get and hence they represent the most accurate about the cars.

As the experts say, this car is a true Blue MPV with full space intake and best is class comfort. Apart from being a space opulent vehicle, Enjoy offers you a lot of serious stuff, it takes you places in a single stretch of some hundred miles without any fuss and hence makes itself a compatible and well behaved choice amongst the the customers in people moving business.
The interiors and comfort level compliment each other with that dual Air-Con system and thigh supports, add-on, under the seat which will surely make you “Enjoy” those long rides with ease.

The Design delivers not much of the drama and oomph factor, but its considerable and complies on good notes with sharp detailing and body shape.

But as the case offers, it has flaws too, and I am afraid there are many.

All in all, the vehicle offers much for the cost it takes. But if we talk about its perfection, then I am afraid its not even on those levels of finesse for this class either.

To begin with, the engine is a bit knotty on low end of torques, and comes with those exasperating turbo-lags at around 1700 rpm.
The interiors are average, but with a lot of good stuff in the room, the instrumentation could have been a bit of that new-age flair which it certainly lacks to the old school minimalism. The boot of the car won’t do justice to its size and intake ability, a medium sized bag and two small bags are all it takes, inside of those huge tail-gates.

Mileage is disappointing but with the power and RWD options, it won’t fuss an enthusiast, in a parallel world, because its not a class or category for this car to show those lags.

The service network of chevvy is undisputed, but for this car, we have to wait and look out.

Awesome ride and handling department and total value for money invested, but comes with a minimalism in engine notes, mileage and in-cab styling and gadgetry.

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