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Home News and StoriesDelhi government proposes even-odd policy on alternate days to curb pollution

Delhi government proposes even-odd policy on alternate days to curb pollution

Owing to alarming pollution levels in the national Capital Delhi, the government has announced a unique and controversial rule which proposes private vehicles (cars/bikes) with even or odd numbered license plates be allowed to be driven only on alternate days. The new rule is also applicable on the vehicles entering from other states and the move will come into effect from 1st January 2016.

Public vehicles such as taxis, autos and CNG buses will be exempted from following this rule. This move comes after Delhi High court criticized local authorities over poor air quality. The court stated that the pollution levels in Delhi have reached to such disturbing level that living in the city is similar to living in a gas chamber.

Rajghat, Baparpur and Dadri Thermal power plants are the major contributors to air pollution in the city, so Delhi government, DPCC might move to NGT to seek closure and to issue order on the closing these plants.

For those who are wondering what this uproar is all about, last year WHO declared New Delhi as the most polluted city in the world and with winters around the situation becomes even worse as the cooling of temperature combines with pollution covers the whole city leading to respiratory diseases. With this move, the government hopes to reduce pollution levels by almost half.

The Government also announced slew of other measures such as to look after the mass source complaints mainly related to burning of bio-mass, garbage, leaves and visibly polluting vehicles. Furthermore, the government has proposed a ban on all the commercial vehicles which is more than 15 years old by 1st April 2016.

The odd- even concept is a part of ‘Road Space Rationing’ project which was imposed in Beijing, London and Paris and many more countries. While some countries able to reduce the air pollution by almost half with this even odd technique while some failed miserably. Most of the people are criticizing Delhi government’s new rule and roaring their displeasure on Social media.

This new move would be hit if government improves public transportation, vehicle parking facilities while most important them of all is the whole hearted public participation. Some say, if the rule is implemented this could result into people buying two cars- one with even and another with odd number.

In India, the new rule implementation is hell of a difficult task as corruption and harassment prevails from top to bottom. Government will have to make ensure that this even odd philosophy doesn’t lead to increase in corruption.

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