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Datsun Go – User Reviews

Nissan Datsun GO@ 3.00 - 5.00 Lakhs
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2014 had been so far a year full of explosions and innovations in Indian Automobile Industry. While some of the companies are busy focusing the Compact Sedan market, there were some revamping their existing models and some were seen experimenting with their whole lineup. And in such innovative ambience, how the ultimate Auto Giant from Japan, the Nissan Motors could be left behind. And with its focus this time on the Budget-hatch segment, it re-launches its Datsun brand with Go car as a suitable machine for the Indian market. Been in news for almost a year, Nissan, after its last production in 1986, had re-launched the Datsun Dat-Go as Datsun Go this year, based on same Nissan V platform as of Micra. So with that, after bringing you all the updates and reviews, it’s time we bring you an insight from people amongst you, who had experienced this car in our User Reviews section.


1. Overall package, bang on price!

Owned by Nissan, Go guarantees awesome built quality and apart from that, this vehicle is gaining much popularity with its growing demand in customers for its overall package; it’s cute and handy design, futuristic approach, quality and features, all at an affordable cost of course.

2 .Engine appeal

Engine of this car might look decent and regular, but this 1.2 litre petrol engine has impressed many. We got to know about its unmatched acceleration, when even a lady who we talked was seen praising this car’s quick throttle response and constant delivery of enough power according to its weight and still stays up in economy with up market mileage figures.

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3. Space and features

What attracts most of its customer about Go is its unbeatable capability in space department which accommodates 5 fully grown adults with ease on its comfortable Jacquarel fabric seats with an even spacious boot of about 265 litre making most of the people happy about it.

Apart from that, decent interiors with digital meter, Advanced Drive computer, intelligent wipers, front connected seats, speed sensitive steering wheel etc. were some of the features, which people found more exciting to be embedded in such a budget car.

4. Drivability and ride

Most surprising feature about this small budget car which people couldn’t miss to mention is its handling and driving dynamics which feels stable and road-stick even at high speeds. “Also, its speed sensitive steering should be commended for its dynamic stability on roads, in city or even on highways”, says one of those buyers who own a Datsun Go.


1. Internal material quality

Not too poorly embedded though, but on the level Datsun Go had already claimed itself, even a little blemish in quality gets noticed. Similarly, people noticed with its internal materializing which indeed is decent according to what budget this car fits in, but still, could have been upmarket like its other features.

2. ingle engine option only

If there’s one thing people desperately need out of such a decent car, then that is surely a variety and options of engines to choose from which this car, coming in single engine trim doesn’t offer. Not even a diesel mill is on cards as of now.

3. Engine noise and bench seat 

Amongst people who test drove it, most came up with a very common problem of engine noises of two types. One when the engine is started, but then settles down after a while. And another noise which interrupts the cabin silence at high speed pulls.

Even the Unique Bench Seats of this car looks new, but actually hindered many of our reviewers while driving, and mostly while making downshifts in the car.

Final  Verdict

On a concluding note, we believe people had managed to know this car very well in very less time. And with that, they have accepted it even after its little-little flaws and hence, this car seems to have a brighter future in Indian market.

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