Toyota Etios – Expert Review

Toyota Etios - Expert Review
Toyota Etios - Expert Review

When we say Toyota, We are reminded of the car maker who is known for its design and powerful engine. The car maker is known for setting trends as from Qualis to Innova, Toyota has always been the car maker to look forward to. The Etios from Toyota is among the best Sold Sedans in the country. Let’s see what our experts have to say about the New Etios.

Experts Review

The New Etios has failed to impress our Experts except in few departments. Even the response with the user community has been mediocre. The car maker has failed to keep in touch with times. In the forthcoming days, we expect Toyota to come out with a car which covers up all the average and negative response the Etios has been getting.


There is not much the newest Etios brings in to the car buyer’s platter. The car has got better mileage than the previous variant of the Etios. The car packs in a powerful and cleverly designed engine from the Japanese car maker. The overall build of the car is light to provide better aero-dynamics and improved engine efficiency. The car has got better leg room than most of the entry level sedan in the market and an impressive boot space of about 595 litres. The inside of the car feels decent and the plastic quality used in the front dock feels decent. The good thing about Toyota’s engine has always been the maintenance cost. In spite of sporting a powerful engine the car doesn’t needs much maintenance. Other pros of the car includes the steering ; the steering wheel is very responsive and light , the ride has got better road visibility than the previous Etios variants and the A.C vents are perfectly placed cooling even the rear seats sufficiently . The ride and handling of the car is decent as well and the brakes even without ABS feel good. The turning radius and the gear shift are equally impressive.


The major setback of the Etios is its build quality. Toyota to get the price right has compromised a lot in using quality materials. The door made noises when shammed and felt less sturdy. The music system of the car is a big let-down with most of the speakers directed towards the front. There is nothing innovative about the interiors, the car from inside feels like the old Etios and for the recent times, very bland. Lights inside the panel were very ordinary and simple. Though the car has got enough leg space but misses out lateral support which feels uneasy during those long drives. The major negative of the car we feel is no vision. The car has nothing new to offer and most of the features it sports are borrowed from its predecessor. The door latch quality has to be improved and the insulation over the car’s body has to be worked upon. The gap between the wheels and the body of the car needs to be lessened and the overall build of the car has to be strictly improvised.


The New Etios is not the best offering of the car maker. The car is decent but not the best, one could buy for the price Tag. The car maker has some serious things to consider before rolling out with its next car in the Indian market. One such thing is bringing in innovation and quality make. Other car makers for a similar price range have been making better cars with premium look and feel.