Mercedes CLA 45 AMG – User’s Asked Questions

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG
FAQ Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

1. What is current status of Mercedes CLA 45 AMG?

Mercedes CLA 45 Is a Superstar car. Mercedes launched this car on 22nd July 2014 which is available In market now.

2. When Did Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Launched?

It was first showcased At Auto expo In 2014 To Indian masses , But officially Mercedes Launched this car on 22nd July 2014

3. In which category Mercedes CLA45 AMG falls?

Mercedes CLA45 AMG Falls under Sports Car category as per its specifications it can be called A Blistering sports “Hell rider”

4. How many types of fuel units are available in Mercedes CLA45 AMG?

Mercedes CLA45 AMG is Available In petrol Variant As now.

5. The available color options for Mercedes CLA45 AMG?

Mercedes CLA45 AMG is available in 9 Different colors i.e. White, Night Black, Jupiter Red, Metallic Grey, Metallic Silver, Universal Blue, Light violet, Polar silver.

6. Is there an automatic transmission in Mercedes CLA45 AMG?

Yes, This Model is available in automatic transmission Mode It is available 7 speed sports transmission with E-select leveler.

7. What about its wheel-drive system?

The Mercedes CLA45 AMG has 4-Matic all wheel drive.

8. What are the specifications of engine equipped in Mercedes CLA45 AMG?

Engine Type 4cyl, 2L, 256Kw
Engine size 1991CC
Engine Max power 355 hp @ 6000rpm
Transmission 7 Speed speed shift @ DCT
Max Torque [email protected] 2250-5000
Wheel Drive 4 MATIC all wheel Drive

9. The exact price tags of Mercedes CLA45 AMG’s all variants are?

Petrol Variant Price(INR)
Mercedes CLA45 AMG Rs.  68.50 lacs

10. Information about the on Road price of Mercedes CLA45 AMG.

Petrol Variant Price(INR)
Mercedes CLA45 AMG Rs. 73.95 lakhs

11. Can I get the width of tyres fixed in Mercedes CLA45 AMG?

Front – 235/40R18 front and rear.

Rear–  235/40R18 front and rear.

12. What type of suspension system fixed in Mercedes CLA45 AMG?

Mercedes CLA45 AMG Has AMG suspension system

13. Is cruise control available in it?

Yes, CLA45 AMG has Cruise control As Main feature.

14. Which safety features Mercedes CLA45 AMG has?

As far as safety is concerned, Mercedes CLA45 AMG has a system which recognizes the critical Driving situations. It has preventive measures if accident threatens i.e. Front side airbags, it has reversible belt tensioning & Automatic closing of open windows, Tyre censors, Closure of sunroof in case of Threathing of crash . Automatic adjustment of front seats in case likely crash, It has Electronic stability program which reduces steering effort.

15. What is the acceleration and top speed of Mercedes CLA45 AMG?

The Cedan gets faster & superior & fast pick up due to powerful Engine Of 4cyl with 1991CC power. It accelerates 0-100 in 4.4 seconds with top speed of 250km/hr.

16. Seating capacity of Mercedes CLA45 AMG is?

Mercedes CLA45 AMG has 5 persons sitting capacity.

17. What is the boot capacity Mercedes CLA45 AMG of?

Mercedes CLA45 AMG Has 470 liter boot Capacity.

18. What common & unique interior features Mercedes CLA45 AMG get?

Mercedes CLA45 AMG Has Dynamic appearance AMG 5 twin spoke alloy wheels, panoramic sunroof, 7” TFT screen, DVD player with 10GB audio-video capacity has its control on control panel, its Parkotronic technique which helps in parking in small areas with audio-video warnings, reversing camera with central Media display, it has dual automatic climate control feature, charging facility for external gadgets, Panoramic sliding sunroof, Cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring system, 4 way lumbar support for front seaters.

19. Please tell the mileage figure of Mercedes CLA45 – ARAI-certified, highway and city-road?

Engine type ARAI/Highway Kml City kml (approx)
Mercedes CLA45 AMG 31 23

20. In Indian car market, which are the main competitors of this model?

In Indian Market Mercedes CLA45 competes with Audi s3, BMW 335i, Mercedes Benz c63 AMG

21. What is Mercedes CLA45 estimated maintenance/ repair cost?

Mercedes CLA45 Petrol cars Maintenance charges

Service KM Months Free/Paid Price (in rs.)
1 1000 2 Free
2 2500 12 Paid(service tax free) 2100
3 2500+ 24 Paid 3260
4 3500+ 36 Paid 4630
5 4000 48 Paid 5860
6 5000+ 60 Paid 7150
7 6000 72 Paid 8550
8 7000 84 Paid 10120
8 years 41670