Lockdown: Ways to keep your car healthy when not in use

Source business insiderr
Source business insiderr

The lockdown means we have to stay in our homes and this means our cars will also stay at home. And when cars are parked for a long time they require special care. Like our body, they can also have problems when left unused for a long time. So here are some basic tips to help keep your car healthy when you are not using it:

  • Park indoors or cover it

Protecting your car from the weather is important. So, park it indoors in underground space rather than leaving it out in open. Also, this is the time to use your car’s cover.

  • Clean the exterior

Before parking it for a long time makes sure that you clean it from the outside. Dirt can get stuck to the paint and leave stains so better clean it off. If you are washing it remember to wipe it properly so that s dries before you cover it.

  • Reserve the battery

One of the most common issues that come with cars left unused for too long is that the battery goes flat. So to deal with this issue you need to restart the engine every few days even if you are not taking out the car. Just start the car and let it idle for 15-20 mins.

  • Tank up the fuel

Fuels like petrol and diesel evaporate even when inside the fuel tank. So we recommend you to check the fuel meter and get it re-fills when required. The lockdown can increase due to COVID-19, so keep your tanks full.

  • Avoid flat spots on the tyre

When your car is left standing in one spot for a long time, the tyres can develop flat spots. To avoid this you need to drive the car forward and backward every few days to rotate tyres.