Essentials You Should Always Have in the Car

Essentials You Should Always Have in the Car

Some of us keep absolutely nothing in our car trunks but you need to be on the safer side and keep some essentials . Here is this list of things we think every car owner should always have on hand because you never know you might need them anytime and anywhere.

Essentials You Should Always Have in the Car

Spare Tyre and repair kit

A spare tyre is always needed especially when going on long trips. Without a repair kit you would land up searching for a mechanic in case of emergency .

Owner’s manual

An owner’s manual is a guide which helps you when you are in need of it the most. It has the basic guideline to make your car run back on road.

Booster (jumper) cables

These can enable you to get your car started with a dead battery and also enables you to help someone out in a fix.

First aid Kit

It is a must as accidents can happen anywhere and it proves to be a lifesaver . Make sure you keep all the essentials in it.

Travel Mug

This is very useful as it helps in drinking and carrying water without spilling it all over.

Magnetic flashlight

It is been advised to keep a magnetic light in your car as it helps at night especially during winters..


If your tyre has a leak problem this is what you need. With it, you do not require to change the whole tyre rather just fix it up till you reach the mechanic.

Fire extinguisher

This saves from a true disaster. If you have met with an accident (or even not) and there is fire, this helps to save not only you but your car as well from severe damages.

Driver’s license

It sounds too obvious but many people are caught driving without it. To save yourself from the cops and even from paying heavy fines, you always need to carry your driver’s license

Do you have all of these in your vehicle?