BMW M6 Gran Coupe – Expert Reviews

BMW M6 Gran Coupe - Expert Reviews
BMW M6 Gran Coupe - Expert Reviews

The M6 Gran coupe, a new experiment in M series by the Germany luxury carmaker BMW has been hit the market floor with a bang and also being appealed by everyone who has taken its test drive. In this process, we also tried our hand on this luxury cum aggressive model and must say that it left us being impressed. So here we are to share our experience with all, let’s have a look.


– Quite competitive price tag as per its segment.

– Available at whooping cost of 1.75 Crore.

Engine details:

– A powerful twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 petrol engine that makes 560bhp of peak power and 680Nm of torque.

– The new auto gearbox of BMW M-series i.e. 7-speed M double-clutch is making its presence in it to provide it a sporty on-road performance.

– Its fuel–saving start-stop engine technology is impressive and making car more fuel efficient.


– An exceptionally quick model, can reach 0-100 km/h in mere 4.2 seconds, impressive.

– Produced massive power resulting as a confident handling and reliable riding on road.

– Its light weight, upgraded brakes, special sport seats, suitable controls over suspension are some of the plus points in this luxury Coupe.

Space & Dimension:

– Dimension is appropriate providing the car a slim & down-to-earth exterior profile.

– Though, this sleek n less-height proportion also turns into lacks in headroom space at rear seat.

– Car boot of around 458 liters is wonderful enough and also can be extended after folding down the rear seats.

– Other than this, interior space for holding small yet useful things is sufficient enough.


– The M6 Gran Coupe is stylish inside and out.

– Rich in interior features, justifying the badge of BMW.

– Material used in it is of high quality.

– Availability of two customized M Drive buttons on the steering wheel for car settings etc seems trendy and dashing.


– Extremely stunning at outside and carrying a breathtaking glimpse.

– Twin kidney grille, aggressive lower front bumper, revised rear bumper, M-style appliqués in the front fenders, adaptive LED headlights etc are just complementing its beauty.

– Overall, a great combo of beauty and power.


– Enriching safety features make it one of the safest models in same segment.

– Equipped with features like ABS with brake assist, six airbags, DSC (dynamic stability control), immobilizer, crash sensor etc.


Well, as we told above that this car left us very much impressed. It is the kind of car that attracts a crowd wherever it goes and in whatever situation it finds itself, drawing stares while doing something as effortless as idling through a parking lot. It’s definitely a worth to take model which is a perfect combo of beauty and power.