10 Tips to drive safely in hills

Driving is a hectic task and it requires good training and experience, especially, driving in hilly areas. Driving around the curvy hills areas is completely different to driving on straight roads. Also driving in the hills requires utmost safety as the sharp turns and small roads can be dangerous. Most people don’t know how to properly drive in hilly areas. It requires direction and safety measures and the drivers must know all of it to avoid mishaps. Here are some tips you must follow while driving in hilly areas:

Source: wikiHow

1. Avoid driving at night in the mountains. This is because you have to be extra careful about the pedestrians and narrow roads. In winters night driving is strictly not good because of the fog. We advise you to start your journey early morning.

2. In hilly terrains, it is about being seen and looking properly. So you should always keep lights on at night. Also be alert at all times!

3. Use escape ramps, as they are built especially for drivers to make stops or allow overtaking. Keep looking for escape ramps on your route and stop at them, to allow free flow.

4. You must always slow down your speed before taking a curve as braking on a curve can be dangerous. Don’t exceed the speed limit on curves. Remember, while going uphill you must allow the down-going vehicle to pass first.

5. While going downhill, stay off the brakes and shift into a lower gear. Avoiding brakes can get you an enhanced engine compression.

6. This is important, in hilly areas there are fewer petrol pumps and also they close early. So get your tank full and keep it maintained whenever you spot a fuel station.

7. In case it rains while you are driving in hills then go slow. Put on the lights and keep the wipers on. Also maintain a distance between from the car ahead.

8. Plan it in advance. Keep food, first-aid and medicines in your car. Stock up everything that you might require. Because while traveling you might not get everything that you need.

9. Do not drink and drive in hilly areas. Don’t become reckless or overconfident as you might lose control. So be a good driver and avoid drinking and driving.

10. Finally, before leaving check the weather conditions of the location where you are heading. Keep yourself updated with the basic knowledge of the destination.