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User’s view on new Honda City

Honda City@ 9.29 - 10.62 Lakhs
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A user of the new City SMT version likes almost everything about the car but complains about the poor visibility; he is unable to see the rear and front bonnet in spite of being a 5’10”ft man. The car has excellent acceleration once reached 5000 rpm mark. The audio unit is good for an average person but adding subwoofers/pioneer might be a problem as there are no preouts on the headunit.

The  A/C knobs might seem to be of poor quality but aren’t, in fact they would last forever giving example of his parent’s 1st gen Honda car which is now 10 yrs old and had the same a/c knobs. Ground clearance is satisfying, he happened to pass through high (height) speed breakers and the car managed a scrape but nothing violent happened. The user recommends change in the tyres from MRF to high cost Michelin primacy tyres. While fixing sensors be careful where you place it.  About the delivery, the user got the car after 1 and half hour later of purchasing during  which the car was polished and waxed hiding the scratches which came to light only after few weeks as wax got away after washing.

Another user had a pretty bad experience with the car, after driving 2500 km he stated that because of poor ground clearance i.e. less than 100mm the car hits every speed breaker when   fully occupied by 5 persons. He was disgusted with the dealer’s response when he explained him the problem and his unwillingness to look into the matter. Many others faced the same problem of ground clearance with their Honda cars.

Still there are persons who have had good experiences with the car, a user who got the brand new 1.5 S MT observed the fuel efficiency to be 11 kpl after having driven few thousand km. Few things he loved were the audio controls mounted on the steering itself, stunning exteriors and the best ever i-VTEC engine, but he complained of not having fog lamps in that model.  He chose City  after short listing 4  sedan cars Verna,Linea,SX4 and City  and doesn’t regret his decision even though the car was overpriced than the other 3. It was because of the smooth as silk quality ride and feeling of Civic once inside. He got City at Rs. 9.5 lac whereas Civic is priced at Rs. 13.75 lac.

While another user who compared SX4 with City, finds the SX4 to be a better option as it offers same features as City (except for the audio system)  at a lesser price. He also expresses his worries over the costlier spare parts of Honda.

Yet another viewer (not a user yet) calls it as ‘Honda Logan’ because of good performance and exteriors and poor interiors. According to him a lot of cost cutting is visible in every part of interior may it be the upholstery or the foot space at rear, he seems  overall disappointed.

Needless to say, different people, different choices and different experiences!! Though some people had bad experiences because of ground clearance and poor dealer responses most of

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