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Ssangyong Rexton – User Reviews

Ssangyong Rexton@ 18.87 - 21.10 Lakhs
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So on papers, the new Ssangyong Rexton by Mahindra looks promising, and not just promising, it feels way too thrilled to be aqcuinted, with such a level of composition of class and nimble nature.
But that’s all on paper, the real deal for a car begins when it arrives on the selling shores and people start gathering and embarking it.

To begin our user reviews, we had to start with this guy from Delhi who test drove this car. He is young, self made as he claims and needed a car just to go well with his personality and after having driven this car, he feels this was made to be owned by him. He was too thrilled by the car’s on road specs, the overall quality of the car’s composites and the huge list of features which really is impressive, that the next thing he did was, he bought the vehicle the previous day and is now a proud owner of this car since a while and the car still gets him the prominence he’d ever need. He says the car accelerates superbly, handles like a hot knife in butter and roars just too perfect to activate his senses. Well what more could he demand for!

But one of our guys from bangalore didn’t think the same about this car and what was supposed to be the advantage of this car, bothers him about it, the size, its huge, which excited him in the beginning but exaperates him now.

Other things which he complains about under a claimed ownership of 3 months is the tiresome nature of the car’s engine. He says the car is huge and the engine doesn’t look capable enough of dragging this mammoth with full response and and feels lazy, but sounds a lot. He is really impressed with the way this car stays in control with that electronically controlled and consoled steering wheel and the comforts it provide, but a bit clumsy third row is a real issue with this vehicle, he says. Adding further, he was totally taken away with the leather quality and black-beige interio but a total beige as an optional would have been a bit rich. Features list for this price was just too astonishing but lacks a few common options such as rear veiw cam, and sun roof’s fit and finish could have been better. It’s all this guy has to say, not to forget the kind of service he is getting from M&M is a cherry on top.

Apart from ownership reviews, this car creates a mixed up feeling in many future buyers and in the ones who test drove it. A grunt in the engine was surely missed, as complained by many and the auto transmission gives not a cute feedback either.

But still, this car totally worths it, for the price tag it carries and for the kind of level it touches in the niche market against the giants like the CR-V, Fortuner, Pajero Sports and others with some level of dignity in the segment already.
So test drive one soon and make a move to the new Rexton, enjoy!

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