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Home News and StoriesNews on launch of Mercedes-Benz New S-Class – Price, Specification and Feature

News on launch of Mercedes-Benz New S-Class – Price, Specification and Feature

Mercedes-Benz S-Class@ 1.07 - 2.25 Crores

Ever since it was launched worldwide, Mercedes Benz S class has earned the recognition of being the best car in the world. This luxury sedan is synonymous with technology infused into class and sophistication. Now it is reinventing with new S Class 2014 which is more stylish, techno-packed, and subtle than before. It is reportedly into homologation phase with ARAI in India currently. After confirmation to ARAI specifications, it will be ready to give Audi A8 and BMW 7-series, a run for their money. This time, it promises more gadgetry and styling for motor freaks. With classic interiors but contemporary mechanics, it is a 21st century vehicle to the hilt.


As it has launched finally, company placed it a very competitive price tag of 1.57 crore. Though these are somewhat higher than ongoing model yet are justified the moment you take the test ride.

Brand value:

As it is propounded by a maker as known and symbolic as Mercedes, there are apparently no questions about its brand value. Then, it also has a repute to sustain being the world’s best car. With strong backing and excellent services furnished by the company to its customers, there aren’t any doubts regarding Mercedes as a brand in India.


This S Class Mercedes has launched with four variants which are named as S 500L BlueEfficiency, S 350 CDIL BlueEfficiency, S 300L and S 65 AMG. Out of these four variants, three (S 500L BlueEfficiency, S 300L and S 65 AMG) contain petrol units while the one has diesel.

The mechanical descriptions of these variants are:

  • S 500L BlueEfficiency: Petrol, V/8, 4663cc (432bhp, 700Nm)
  • S 350 CDIL BlueEfficiency: Diesel, V/6, 2987cc (210bhp, 490Nm)
  • S 300L: Petrol, V/6, 2997cc (231bhp, 282Nm)
  • S 65 AMG: Petrol, V/12, 5980cc (630bhp, 1000Nm)


The car has not changed much in size from its forerunners but still you will manage to find those wee changes in its size. It has the dimensions as 5226 x 1871 x 1479 mm having more than sufficient rear side space for great relaxation while chauffeur driven with 14mm of extra space for shoulders and legs. It is also carrying the car boot of 560 liters and amazing wheelbase of 3165mm.


It is the front on which this car displays great transformations. The revamp is quite obvious inside cabin that has been decked with high grade leather, plastics, and wood. These materials are stunningly embellished with the latest tech. Stunning is not a random word here because it’s as such on every parameter. The old instrument cluster has been replaced by two touch screen color displays, climate control system, heated armrests, LED lights, Burmester music system, remote central locking, 2-spoke wooden steering wheel, air balance, rear seat belt package, WLAN hotspot, night vision and radar cruise control.


Talking of exteriors, they are classy, sharp, and edgy. The front grille expands beautifully with chiseled looks and pouncing roof resembling a dome like built. Full LED lights, new bumper, re-contoured boot, new dual exhaust vents, sunroof, large alloy wheels, and great aerodynamics add a touch of simplicity to its aggressive design. The entire exterior panel is built up with aluminum which heavily reduces its overall weight.

Road handling:

It has lots to offer for enjoyable driving. It has an optional feature called Magic Body Control that helps to detect bumps using stereo cameras along with Steering assist and Distronic Plus for autonomous driving. Additionally, it boasts of ABS, ESP, nine air bags, an active suspension system, Collision Prevention assist, an optional safety gear, and various other alerts for the safety of passengers while they have fun riding in this ultra luxury car with automatic gears and implausible stability. It has capability to achieve 0-100km/h with the top speed of 250 km/h in mere

  • 5.4 seconds (in S 500L)
  • 7.8 seconds (in S 350 CDIL)
  • 7.3 seconds (in S 300 L)
  • 4.4 seconds (in S 65 AMG)


This car will take Mercedes on a higher podium, undoubtedly. It has been launched in India on January 8th, 2014. Its superior mechanics, chic cabin design, and unmatchable comfort make it a desirable pair of wheels. Though such features come at a price!

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